Note: There is not definite confirmation that Andrew H. Campbell is buried at High Prairie.

Date of Death: 29 May 1876
Subject: Andrew H. Campbell
Source: Savannah Reporter, Jun 1876

"In last week's Reporter was a brief notice of Mr. Andrew H. Campbell, of Monroe township, being struck by lightning. We have since learned the following particulars.

"It seems Mr. Campbell had been to his brother's farm in the northeast part of the country, to get a load of corn, and had started on his return; his little daughter, aged about 10 years, accompanying him. Not being near any house when overtaken by the storm, Mr. Campbell halted his team, took off his coat, which he gave to the little girl for protection against the rain, and was standing near his team beneath an umbrella at the time of the accident. So heavy was the bolt that descended that Mr. Campbell and the horses standing nearest to him, and the little girl standing at the rear end of the wagon, fell at the same instant. The little girl, however, soon came to her senses and went immediately to her father, turned him over and found that he yet breathed. She started to run to the nearest house, about three-fourths of a mile distant, but thinking the team would not be safe, she returned and placed her hand upon her father's heart and found that it had ceased to beat. By this time the injured horse had regained its feet. The little girl immediately summoned the nearest neighbors and the body of Mr. Campbell was taken to his home. The shock to the unfortunate wife and family at home, occasioned by this sad news, can neither be described nor imagined.

"Mr. Campbell was a highly respected member of Castle Grange, No. 722, and the members of that grange turned out en masse and conducted the burial ceremonies in a manner that showed the respect due the deceased. In the death of Mr. Campbell is lost the love of a good husband, the protection of a kind father, and the citizenship of an honored neighbor. The family are left with means for their support, but in their sad affliction they have the sympathy of the entire community."