Date of Death: 14 Nov 1889
Subject: Henry Speaker 
Source: Holt County Sentinel, 29 Nov 1889, p. 1

Henry Speaker, an aged farmer residing about five miles northeast of Bolckow, came to death in a frightful manner Thursday forenoon.  He was in a wood lot preparing timbers for the foundation for a corn crib.  He had put a charge of powder into [a] log for the purpose of splitting it.  He ignited the fuse and then sought protection from the blast behind a large tree.  It is believe he had stepped to one side to make observations as to the tardiness of the fuse when he was struck on the head by a piece of timber from the shattered log.  He is supposed to have been instantly killed.  His body was found about 1 o'clock, and was supposed to have been killed at 10:30, as it was about this time the blast was put off.  Mr. Speaker was about 70 years of age.-- Bolckow Herald.