Date of Death: 23 Nov 1881
Subject: Levi Ducolin
Source: The County Paper [Oregon, MO], 2 Dec 1881, p. 1

Just as we go to press news reached here of the killing of a man by the name of Duklin [sic], about two miles north of Filmore [sic], Andrew county, by a man named Hunt.  It seems they had been old enemies for a long time when they unexpectedly met and the difficult immediately commenced, which results in Hunt drawing a pistol and shooting Duklin through the head.  Hunt immediately surrendered himself to the authorities of Andrew county.

Source: The County Paper, 23 Dec 1881, p. 1

Hunt, who killed Duclon recently in Andrew county, has been indicted for murder in the first degree.  Public sentiment is said to be largely in favor of the defendant.