Date of Death: 21 Jul 1913
Subject: Caroline (Carver) Spicer
Source: Holt County Sentinel, 1 Aug 1913, p. 4

Mrs. Caroline C. Spicer, of Fillmore, died Monday of last week, July 21st, at the age of 780 years.  She was reputed to be the wealthiest woman in Andrew county.  Mrs. Spicer owned 2,807 acres in Andrew county and 320 acres in Holt county.  during the last year she had sold 545 acres of Andrew county land.  Besides owning several pieces of property in Savannah and Fillmore, she was a large stockholder in the Bank of Fillmore. Her property is computer to be worth considerably more than $500,000.

Mrs. Spicer is the widow of Dr. C. W. Spicer, who died seventeen years ago.  Dr. and Mrs. Spicer were born in New York state and moved to Jamesville, Wisconsin, in 1856.  They came to Andrew county in December, 1859, and located at Fillmore, where Doctor Spicer established a large practice.  Mrs. Spicer left a will with Attorneys C. F. Booher and J. R. Williams, Savannah.  By her will, she sets aside 80 acres for a cemetery at Fillmore.  The rest of her estate was divided equally among seventeen relatives and Mrs. Ira Williams, Maitland, Mo., whom Mrs. Spicer brought up in her home from childhood.  C. W. Spicer, Jr., is named as executor.  A short time ago, Mrs. Spicer divided $100,000 among her relatives.