Date of Death: 23 Aug 1876
Subject: Amos S. Vaux
Source: unknown, quoting St. Louis Evangelist

VAUX - Died, August 23d, 1876, Amos S. Vaux, of Typhoid fever. Our friends was a young man of great promise, much loved by all who knew him, a constant member of the Sabbath school and Bible class in Andrew county, Missouri.

He has gone, yes, gone forever,
From this world of sin and care;
Gone to dwell with angels ever
In a world that's bright and fair.

How we miss our dear companion
Since he left our little band;
But we trust he is in heaven,
In that happy, better land.

Never was his seat found vacant
Until death called him to go;
And our class seems sad and lonely
Since he left us here below.

May we all prepare to meet him
When this changing life shall cease;
May we have a joyful meeting
In that home of blissful ease.