Date of Death: 24 Aug 1906
Subject: Edward Pearman
Source: Holt County Sentinel, 31 Aug 1906, p. 1

During the temporary absence of his wife, Edward Pearman, a prosperous young farmer, of near Fillmore, killed himself about 6 o'clock, Friday evening last, August 24th. Pearman's body was found in a rear room of the home on his farm with a bullet through the temple. William Warren, his brother-in-law, who was a neighbor, made the discovery at 6:30 o'clock. The body was still warm, and a 32-caliber revolver was found lying beside the prostrate form.

His four-year-old child was in the house at the time Pearman killed himself.

From the stories of neighbors it was learned that domestic troubles were responsible for the rash act. A note was left by the suicide, stating his last wishes as to the disposition of the child. The contents of the note were not made public.

Pearman and his wife up till three years ago lived near Amazonia, where the dead man's family resides.