Date of Death: 19 Apr 1873
Subject: Legrand Hewett
Source: Andrew County Republican, 25 Apr 1873, p. 3

From a friend in Platte township we learn that a fatal case of poisoning occurred in that township last week which should prove a warning to others. Legrand Hewett picked up some tuberous roots on some bottom land and supposing them to be spikenard, ate some of them and put others in his pocket. On Friday afternoon, after supper as they were burning prairie, he gave some to his brother, who ate some, and Legrand at some more himself. He came home and went to bed, apparently well as ever, at half-past 10 o'clock. At 11 o'clock he was taken with a convulsion, and was not perfectly rational when he came out of it. He was soon past swallowing, had repeated convulsions (thirteen, we are told), and died at 2 o'clock, three hours from the first apparent symptoms. He leaves a wife and two small children. The brother ate about the size of his fingers of the root; commenced vomiting about 2 o'clock; had his stomach thoroughly rinsed and took some medicine. He had a severe convulsion at half-past 4, but recovered. Our correspondent informs us that others have been using the roots for their "medicinal qualities," and it is hoped that this will put a stop to it. We are told that the roots which caused one person's death and nearly another, was that of wild parsnips.