Date of Death: 29 May 1884
Subject: Ida B. Cagg
Source: The Democrat, 6 Jun 1884, p. 3, column 4

Cagg – Ida B., daughter of Isaac W. Cagg, by his first wife, and beloved by her step-mother, died at the residence of her father in Benton township, on Thursday morning, May 29, 1884, at 45 minutes past two o’clock, of brain fever, after a painful sickness of four weeks; aged 18 years, 5 months and 27 days. The last sixteen days she suffered the most excruciating pain in her head, and the last seven days she was unconscious. On Tuesday and Wednesday, May 20 and 21, in presence of her father, mother and sister, she said:

“Dear mother, you don’t know how to pray, but Jesus sent me to talk on the subject of religion and I never get tired of it, and I will teach you to pray. Now, mother, I want you to be faithful and meet me in Heaven, for I am going to die.” Her mother’s answer was: “I will, by the help of God, meet you in Heaven.”

“Now, mother, after I am gone I want you to tell my dear sister Hellen and my dear brother George to lead a better life than they are, and to meet me in Heaven. Yes, I had wandered from the Savior, but sought and found him; and such sweet feelings I had then, I never shall forget. The Savior blessed me, and now Jesus has sent me to talk to you. He teaches me to pray, to kneel at my bedside morning and evening and ask him to lead and guide my steps aright. I am so glad I gave my heart to God. I want to talk to all my friends and neighbers [sic] about Jesus, my blessed Savior.

“And now, my dear sister Sarah, I want to talk to you. Will you seek the blessed Jesus and be saved? You are a good sister, but your goodness will not save your dear soul unless you come to the Lord and be blessed, and pray him to keep you in his arms of love and mercy, where you will be forever blessed. Will you meet me in Heaven? The answer was “Yes.”

She talked to others on the subject of religion at the same time.

Thursday evening, May 22, 1884, Ida said to her father, “I dreamed I saw the angels, and my blessed Father was the sweetest one of all of them.” She said, “Blessed Jesus! blessed Jesus! Hallalujah [sic]!”

Dear sister Ida is in Heaven. Truthfully does the Bible say, “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, from henceforth saith the Spirit that they rest from their labors.”

The funeral services took place from her father’s residence, Thursday, May 30th, to Bennett Lane Cemetery, Rev. W. L. Powers officiating.