John Thomas Snyder, a Bachelor Who Died Alone Near Barnard, Dead Two Days When Discovered

BARNARD, Mo., Jan. 20. John Thomas Snyder, fifty years of age, a bachelor who lived alone on a farm a mile and a half from Barnard, was found dead late yesterday afternoon in his home by a hunter. Tobe Bear. Snyder was found upon his knees, fully dressed, with his overcoat cap and glasses on. On the floor was a filled but unlighted pipe, and in one hand an unlighted match. One hand of the dead man rested upon a chair and the other on the bed. Snyder's mules were in the barn, harnessed and ready for work.

It is probably that Snyder had been dead two days when Bear, one of his friends, discovered him. The dead man had been a sufferer from diabetes and it is supposed that this caused his death. He had been in St. Joseph Tuesday for treatment.

Snyder's sister, Mrs. Harvey Goforth, lives at Bolckow, where the body was taken. The funeral will be held at that place tomorrow.

Coroner J. H. Todd of Maryville was notified and went to Bolckow today to view the body.

Source: St. Joseph News-Press, 20 January 1912, p. 1, col. 7.