Private Farm Burials
Andrew County, Missouri

Notes: These are burials listed or reported as being "at home" or "on the home farm" or at another private location. None of them have known tombstones.

Credits: (c)THE Transcriptions (Taylor, Halvorsen, Eshelman).

Name Location Notes
Baker, infant s/o Clarence & Mattie Baker farm, Helena
Bateman, Oliver H. Thomas Bateman farm, Empire Twp. Executed for murder
Clary, infant s/o Edward & Estella Clary farm, location unknown
Cobb, James Alfred Cobb farm, Lincoln Twp. Destroyed in 1952 flood
Eisiminger, Francis Eisiminger farm, Nodaway Twp.
Eisiminger, infants of Henry & Lydia Eisiminger farm, Nodaway Twp.
Fellows, infant s/o Fred & Maggie Fellows farm, Avenue City
Gibbins, Sarah (Noel) Gibbins farm, location unknown
Hoover, infant s/o Martin & Rucanne Jackson farm, "above Bolckow"
Jones, Mary B. (Lewis) Lewis farm, Jefferson Twp.
Leeasons, infant d/o Carl & Anna Leeasons farms, location unknown
Lewis, Hugh M. Lewis farm, Jefferson Twp.
Morris, George Morris farm, location unknown
Morris, Mary (Fisher) Morris farm, location unknown
Morris, Thomas Nixon Morris farm, location unknown
Ratliff, Joseph Franklin Clizer farm, location unknown
Venard, Mrs. Stephen Venard farm, Helena
Wright, infant s/o Lewis & Sarah Wright farm, Nodaway