Fairview Christian Church Cemetery
AKA Rhoades Cemetery
Benton Township, Section 16
Andrew County, Missouri

Directions: From Savannah, 0.4 miles east on Highway E to Highway C. North on Highway C 4.3 miles to County Road 164. West/northwest 0.9 mile on CR 164. Double gate across lane to drive up hill to cemetery. Gate was double-padlocked with no trespassing signs and top rail of gate painted purple (the universal no trespassing color). The cemetery is up a hill about 0.1 mile.

Notes: Fairview is in fairly good condition, mowed, but has many broken stones and a pile of footstones to south side of cemetery. Caution: If there are leaves on ground, walk carefully, as many graves are deeply sunken and walking is perilous. Also, many trees have been cut, but the stumps are above ground and will cause tripping.

Credits: These pictures were taken by Joe & Keith Stanton, 2005, and Betty Halvorsen, 2006. (c)THE Transcriptions (Taylor, Halvorsen, Eshelman).

Name Inscription Photograph(s)
Views of Fairview Cemetery 000S 001 001a

Also reportedly buried here, but no tombstones found in 2006:

Barnes, Andrew W.
Boyd, John Paul
Brown, Grover Cleveland
Brown, Homer
Brown, Samuel
Cline, Melvina (Brown)
Fee, Mrs. Martha
Finchum, James
Gee, Sarah
Miller, Clarence Riley
Pratt, Mrs. (Brown)
Pryor, Jonathan
Rhoades, Calvin Andrew
Rhoades, Joseph Warren
Stoner, Etna
Stoner, John N.
Worley, Mary (Bunting)+


Section 1
Beginning in NW Corner
Direction of Row Photograph(s)
1 North to south 002, 004
2 South to north 005-007
3 North to south 008-025
4 South to north 027-055
5 North to south 056, 058, 103, 059, 060, 061-063, 137, 064-080
6 South to north 081-102, 104-109
7 North to south 110-136, 138-176
8 South to north 177-190
9 North to south 191-245
Section 2
Rows Direction of Row Photograph(s)
10 South to north 001-020
11 North to south 021-069
12 South to north 070-100
13 North to south 102-136
14 South to north 137-143
15 North to south 144-162