County Farm Cemetery
AKA Shady Lawn Cemetery
Rochester Township, Section 18 West
Andrew County, Missouri

Directions: From Savannah US Business 71 east on SR E 3.5 miles to State Route D, south on State Route D 1 mile to where County Road 337 joins State Route D. Cemetery is on east side of road.

Notes: Also known as Shady Lawn Cemetery. The County Farm and Infirmary housed "paupers" and mentally impaired people of all ages, as well as the elderly. There are reportedly many burials there without tombstones. The 1914 building is currently part of Shady Lawn Nursing Home. There was only one existing stone in 2005-6.

Credits: These pictures were taken by Betty Halvorsen, 2005. (C)THE Transcriptions (Taylor, Halvorsen, Eshelman).

Harper, Ruth (1898-1955)

* Indicates African-Americans
+ Indicates obituary available

Name Inscription Photograph(s)
Views of Shady Lawn and County Farm Cemetery 11 13 15 18 19
Weigel, Ruth Mother
Ruth Weigel

Also reportedly buried here, but no tombstones found in 2005:

Arthur, Samuel
Auld, John
Bailey, Elijah
Banister, Luther
Banister, Samuel
Black, Edd
Bowlin, Amanda
Bradford, Lyman T.
Bradshaw, Elliston
Burtnett, Thomas
Cline, Charles
Collins, Winchester
"Doe, John" died 1928 (African-American)
"Doe, John" died 1951
Ellis, M. B.
Fox, Sadie Bell
Fuller, Cyrus E.
Garrett, Robert Wesley
Glick, Christ
Hall, Lafayette+
Haris, Theodore
Hattsworth, William Henry
Henson, Riley
Hess, Eliza
Hess, infant d. 1890
Hess, Mary Rebecca (a.k.a. Mary Counce)
Hixon, Ellen
Hixon, India Anna
Huber, John
Imes, William
Inhealder, John Robert
Ketring, David
King, John Lewis
Mason, James
Mathews, William
McCallon, Benjamin F.
McGue, Charles
Miller, Henry
Miller, Simon
Mixell, James
Moore, Robert
Moran, Joseph C.
Mylotty, Jerome
Newman, Madison
Noble, C. G.
Palmer, James
Pyburn, William Riley
Reed, William
Roberts, Mrs. (died 1914)
Schofield, Edward
Schwarz/Swartz, Gottfried
Shaffer, John
Shelton, Thomas
Simerly, Franklin
Sloop, Daniel
Smith, John S.
Smith, Mattie Copper
Stockwell, Harrison
Tailor, Richard
Taylor, Joseph N.
Thurnstine, Elizabeth
VanAlburn, Xavier
Waymer, James
Weiland, Simon M.
Wheeler, Elisha Huston
Wilson, Thomas (African-American)
Woodruff, Sarah J.