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Rescued Photo: Heppler Family Photograph 1890s

Shelley Cardiel rescues photographs from flea markets, eBay, you name it. She does what research she can to identify the family and then posts her findings on mailing lists, message boards, and photo sites in an attempt to reunite the pictures with family. What she does is awesome. I contacted her recently to see if she thought including them here might help. I hope it does! Please contact Shelley if you have information about her photos or project.

I’ve “rescued” an old photograph of Ella HEPPLER which was taken at the Brown Studio in Cameron, MO in the 1890’s. Ella is listed as 12 years old at the time the photograph was taken. I’m hoping to locate someone from Ella’s family so that this wonderful old treasure can be returned to the care of her family. If you are a member of this HEPPLER Family, or you know . . . [Yes! There’s more!]