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    Jenkins Cemetery, Pettis County, Missouri, Update

    Sometimes, but not that often, people will contact me about errors in cemetery transcriptions from old records or the grave markers. Usually, these are an easy fix if the marker is available. If it is not an obvious typographical error, however, I have found if I just make the correction, some one else will come along later and say, “No, it should be . . .”

    My current policy is this: Obvious typos and misreadings will be corrected as soon as possible. However, in general, I don’t edit things other people have written. There was a TON of work done on these MOGenWeb sites before I got here (the work by former Pettis County CC George Willick is a good example) and I usually have no way to contact the original contributor. The emails are “dead” — if they were referenced at all to begin with.

    I’m very happy, though (as in this case), to include updated information from anyone who wants to provide it. This is one of the few times that someone’s agreed to that. Thank you, Cynthia!

    Jenkins Cemetery, apparently, is now completely destroyed, as George couldn’t find it in 2003 and as is common it was situated in a cow pasture.

    Cynthia Farmer-Nold is trying to get this one sorted out and has done quite a bit of research on it. She sent a couple of emails outlining the problems and what she has learned so far. When I asked if I could use her writings to update the listing she graciously agreed.

    If you have any further information on this cemetery that might help Cynthia, please let her know! Thanks! 🙂

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