Northwest Missouri People from Kansas Newspapers

I will never catch up with Monica.  Not only is she years ahead of me, she’s a lot faster.  SHE has a system and sticks with it.  I, also, have a system.  It just keeps changing and evolving, so I end up doing the same stuff over and over again — lately usually because of something she’s sent me.  So, for now, it’s her fault.

Today she sent me her transcription of Kansas newspaper articles that mention people from the Northwest Missouri counties.  How kewl is that?  Pretty kewl!  Rather than let it sit in my “to-do” pile until I figure out what to do with it, since the information spans several Missouri counties and surnames, here it is.

Please note:  Monica sent a Word document, complete with index.  Since I don’t use Word, it seems the page numbers in the index might be one off here and there.

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