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    Cousin Collector Projects Site Updated and Redesigned

    The Cousin Collector Project site has been updated and redesigned — again.  Any and all submissions to any of the counties should be up and available.  If you’ve sent in a submission at any time and it’s not there, please let me know!

    I prefer to host my counties on my own server because I have more control.  But a couple of years ago, I had to move the counties to their own respective MOGenWeb sites because I couldn’t afford the hosting anymore.  That was a mess and they were almost impossible to maintain.  Recently, though, a viable solution presented itself — people actually wanted me to do websites for them AND pay me!  Using the income from that work, I can now pay for the hosting.  My usual MO is to move and change things around because I can’t make up my mind and I keep thinking, “What if we . . .”  In this case, however, it was just a matter of practicality.

    I also like to host my counties together because sometimes it makes things easier to find.  People who spend their entire lives in one county often don’t die, or are buried, in that county.  Unfortunately, the Google site search hasn’t updated yet, and it’s still showing pages in search results that either aren’t there anymore or have been moved and renamed.  As soon as Google catches up with the redesign, the search feature will be available again.

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