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    It’s not RAOGK, but . . .

    Besides “do you have anything on my Smith family,” one of the most frequently asked questions is “Do you know anyone who can do the research for me?”  Usually, no.  But you might be able to find someone at RootsBid.

    RootsBid is a new website, certified by FamilySearch, that can help you find someone to help you with that long-distance research task you’ve been sitting on.  Registration is free, but getting your information probably won’t be.  Other registered users bid on how much they’ll charge to complete your request.  Of course, it’s always possible that the RAOGK refugees will throw in some bids for cost.  But just reviewing some of the current requests, someone will be spending a lot of time on a few of them, so, naturally, those bids will probably be higher.

    The site is so new, there’s not much there yet.  But as word gets out, it will be interesting to see how things shape up.  It looks like a great opportunity to to get some help scaling those brick walls.

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