Rescued Photos: McCarrick and Fogarty Family Photographs

Shelley Cardiel rescues photographs from flea markets, eBay, you name it. She does what research she can to identify the family and then posts her findings on mailing lists, message boards, and photo sites in an attempt to reunite the pictures with family. What she does is awesome. I contacted her recently to see if she thought including them here might help. I hope it does! Please contact Shelley if you have information about her photos or project.

I’ve “rescued” a group of three photographs identified as members of the MCCARRICK – FOGERTY Family. The first is one of Mary MCCARRICK FOGERTY which was taken at the D. P. Thomson Studio in Kansas City, MO in 1887. Mary appears to be in her 20’s at the time it was taken. The other two photographs are of Rosie FOGERTY and were both taken at the same Thomson Studio in Kansas City, MO. Rosie is just an infant in one of the photographs and about 4-5 years old in the second photograph. I’d guess that these photographs were also taken in the 1880’s or early 1890’s.

Mary Ann MCCARRICK was b. 14 Sept 1862 in Kansas to parents Bernard MCCARRICK (1819-1884) and Susan FORAN (1842-1893). Mary Ann was one of 8 children born to this couple including, Mary Ann; Thomas; Catherine A.; Katy; Susan; John; Joseph; and M. W. MCCARRICK, all born between 1862 and 1875. Mary Ann married Patrick Michael FOGARTY (1859-1920) with who she had four children including, Ann aka Rose; William Bernard; Mary Frances; and Jeanese FOGARTY all born between 1887 and 1897. Mary Ann died Feb 1918 and is buried in the Mount Saint Mary’s Cemetery in Kansas City, MO. Her daughter Mary was married into the WHITE Family and living in Kansas City, MO as the time of her Mother’s death in 1918. Her obituary lists a brother Joseph MCCARRICK of Buffalo, NY and two sisters, Mrs. M. W. RICE of Kansas City, MO and Mrs. Catherine FLEMING of Chicago, IL.

Rose Helen “Sister Ann” FOGARTY was b. 7 Mar 1887 in Kansas City, KS and went onto become a nun with the Sisters of Charity. Sister Ann died 14 Jun 1953 in Denver, CO and is buried in the Mount Olivet Cemetery in Wheat Ridge, CO.

I am hoping to locate someone from this family so that the photographs can be returned to the care of family. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.

Thanks, Shelley

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