Rescued Photo: Stevenson Family Photos 1880s

Shelley Cardiel rescues photographs from flea markets, eBay, you name it. She does what research she can to identify the family and then posts her findings on mailing lists, message boards, and photo sites in an attempt to reunite the pictures with family. What she does is awesome. I contacted her recently to see if she thought including them here might help. I hope it does! Please contact Shelley if you have information about her photos or project.

I’ve “rescued” two old photographs belonging to the STEVENSON Family. The first is one of George STEVENSON which was taken at the R. G. Gardner Studio in Kansas City, MO sometime in the 1880’s. George appears to be in his 50’s or 60’s at the time. Also with his name someone has also written “Ark” which may mean that he was originally from Arkansas, I just don’t know for sure. The second photograph is one of Robert N. STEVENSON taken in the 1880’s when Robert was in his teens. This second photograph doesn’t have any reference to location or photographer, however, the handwriting on the two photographs is made by the same person so I know that they are somehow

I’m hoping to be able to return the photographs to family and would appreciate you contacting me if you are a member of this STEVENSON Family, or you know someone who might be.

Thanks, Shelley

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