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Behaving Badly

All of my efforts to date to get a handle on the bots and site scrapers can only be classified as an epic fail. They are determined and they are legion and they are automated. And they consume alarming amounts of bandwidth.

In the past, I tried requiring user registration for the TNG section of this site, but that wasn’t working. If registration was open, I was deluged by spammers. If registration required administrative approval, it never failed people wanted “in” while I was sleeping. Or working. I do sleep and work. 🙂

So, in a bit of a comprise, I’ve settled on requiring a login BUT it’s sweet and simple. You don’t need to register! Just follow the instructions on the login page and you’re in in the time it takes to type ten characters. Let’s you in and hopefully keeps them out.

Since I implemented . . . [Yes! There’s more!]

Carter County MOGenWeb

Most of Rootsweb is still down and the Carter County MOGenWeb project was one of the casualties. The content has been resurrected via ample use of the The Great and Powerful Wayback Machine and is now available once again.

It’s quite a relief that it was possible to recover all that data. Julie Huggins and her mother, Daisy Samples Andersen, did a TON of work on the cemeteries, and those records are priceless!

1845-1911 Surname Index for Death Notices in St. Joseph MO Newspapers

Monica’s latest project has been to index the surnames from her death notices in St. Joseph, Missouri, newspapers indexes, The Index Index! The 1845-1911 Surname Index for Death Notices in St. Joseph MO Newspapers is now online. I don’t know where she finds the time!

Dropbox Link for Ben Glick Photos and Transcriptions

As was anticipated, Ben Glick’s Dropbox account is now no longer available.

The transcriptions are still available from the Carnegie Public Library site, though I don’t know how recent they are — Ben was constantly updating them.

The photos and transcriptions are available from the Gentry and Worth county MOGenWeb sites, and also from the CC Dropbox: PhotosTranscriptions.

Gentry and Worth County, Missouri, Cemetery Photos and Transcriptions

Ben Glick’s photos and cemetery transcriptions for Gentry County and Worth County, Missouri, have now been uploaded to the Gentry County MOGenWeb and Worth County MOGenWeb project sites. He also prepared a surname index.

These pages should load relatively quickly, even on dial-up. If you do get a 500 or 504 server error, simply reload the page as some of the cemeteries and documents are quite large.

Benjamin A. Glick (1945-2017)

It is with great sadness that we report that Ben Glick, a great friend to anyone doing research in Gentry and Worth counties in Missouri, passed away on September 27, 2017.

While we had discussed including his photos and cemetery transcriptions on site, the sheer volume of material and his frequent updates made that impractical. However, in order to preserve his work, we’re now in the process of uploading it.

1906 Death Notices in the Gazette and News-Press

Monica Schirmer Eshelman has sent in her abstract of the 1906 deaths mentioned in the St. Joseph Gazette and the St. Joseph News-Press. She has since commenced working on 1905 which should arrive soon, considering her dedication!

1906 Death Notices in the Gazette and News-Press

I Wasn’t Wrong — I Miscalculated!

In my PACT Project Update at the end of December, I mentioned I was contemplating a hectic year and needed to get organized in a hurry. Not only am I still not organized, but this year so far has greatly exceeded my expectations busy-wise — and it’s only just started!

Adding to that, I’ve been unable to work on my personal research with any regularity for about five years. I’ve got boxes of stuff to scan and document, as I’m endeavoring to Go Digital. For one thing, my printer went feets up, so printing everything like I used to isn’t an option.

I also got the “bug” again the other day when I had to dig through one of those boxes. I found what I was looking for (and I’m going to write about it soon, as it’s so KEWL!), but I also found a ton of stuff . . . [Yes! There’s more!]

1895 Death Notices in the St. Joseph, Missouri Herald and Daily News

Monica Schirmer Eshelman has sent in her abstract of the 1895 deaths mentioned in the St. Joseph Missouri Herald and Daily News. She’s able to work faster because there are now only two newspapers, but also because the further you go back, the fewer obituaries and death notices are available. But she still parties on! Thanks, Monica!

1895 Death Notices in the St. Joseph, Missouri Herald and Daily News