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Surname Time Period Area Researcher
ANTHONY 1847 to? Smith Presdot
ARTLEY ? - early 1900 Grant City Dee
BARRETT 1870-1900 Middlefork Regina Barry
BATMAN 1870'S Allen Township Mari Nielson
BLACK 1861-1870 Middlefork Regina Barry
BOLLINGER 1860-1900 Allendale/Smith twp, Solveig
BRUMFIELD Mary Beth Scott
CADLE 1861-1920 Allen/Middlefork Regina Barry
CALHOUN 1861-1900 Smith Regina Barry
COMBS 1880-1910 Middlefork Regina Barry
COSTIN 1893 Grant City Jennifer Queener
COX 1856 unknown Astrahan
DENNISTON 186?-189? Union Township/ Sheridan Claire Wichelmann
DEWIT 1885-1900 Fletchall McCracken
DYE 1865-1940 Middlefork Regina Barry
FLETCHALL 1846 - ? Fletchall Township Linda H Thompson
GUESS 1870-1910 Smith Regina Barry
HARDRICK 1877-1907 Grant City CLBroy
HARDING 1856 - ? Fletchall Tnsp/Grant City Linda H Thompson
HEARN/HERN 1861-1920 Smith Regina Barry
HENNEGIN Mary Beth Scott
HOOD 1880-now Grant City Delancey
HUGHES 1906-present Grant City Jennifer Queener
LYONS 1870 Union Metz
MANNING 1866 - 1895 Grant City MacD
MUIRHEAD 1862 to 1930's Allen Twp. Bruce
MULLIGAN 1870-1880 unknown Nancy Kessler
OLIVER 1870-1180 unknown Nancy Kessler
PARR 1860 to ? Green Becky
PHILLIPS 1890 Unknown Randolph
REED Mary Beth Scott
RINEHART 1869-1926 Smith BWM
ROBERTSON late 1800's unknown Solveig
ROTAN 1870-1880 unknown Nancy Kessler
ROUND Mary Beth Scott
SCOTT 1900-1960 Grant City Mike
SMITH 1870-1180 unknown Nancy Kessler
SOWARDS 1851-present Denver KAdebek
TATE 1870 - 1875 Smith Lesli
THOMPSON 1880-1930 Middlefork Regina Barry
WANTLAND LATE 1800'S Grant City David Robertson
WEABLE 1870-1920 Middlefork Regina Barry
WEDDLE 1800 -- Allendale / Smith Callaway
WEIGART 1861-1930 Middlefork Regina Barry
YOUNG 1870 Union Metz