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Hunt Cemetery
Saline County, Missouri

We have entered 15 records for this cemetery. The earliest burial we have entered is for Gavin Head (1832) and the latest is for Henry Lewis Hugh Lynch (1879). The last update was on Saturday, 27 August 2016.

Credits: Lanette Estill Cooper submitted the names for this cemetery.

Dice, Samuel (1869-1870)

Grayson, Mary (1859-1866)

Hammock, Infant (1872-1872)

Head, Gavin (1772-1832)

Hodges, Frank (1854-1868)

Hodges, Mary Lou (1856-1874)

Hunt, Elizabeth (Head) (1817-1870)

Hunt, Mary K. (1848-1851)

Lynch, Henry Lewis Hugh (1802-1879)

Lynch, Matilda Hall (1808-1850)

Lynch, Robert R. (1798-1858)

Meyers, Infants (1875-1875)

Owens, Margaret Hunt (___-___)

Ridgeway, Charles (1827-1859)

Taylor, Elizabeth Ann (Hunt) (1826-1867)