Gilliam Cemetery

Saline County, Missouri

We have entered 18 records for this cemetery. The earliest burial we have entered is for Lillie A. Cheatham (1882) and the latest is for Thomas E. Burns (1994). The last update was on Tuesday, 10 October 2017.

Credits: Compiled by: Shirley Haynes & Avlyn Conley as part of, and trading as SALINE SENTIMENTS. Published by: Saline Sentiments. Contributed by Avlyn Dodd Conley. Transcribed for Saline County MOGenWeb by Melanie Cox. Photos submitted by Pat Smith.

Julia Ann King (1837-1931)</br />
Julia Ann King (1837-1931)
Thomas E. Burns (1908-1994)</br />Kathryn D. Burns (1920-____)</br />
Thomas E. Burns (1908-1994)
Kathryn D. Burns (1920-____)
Oleatha Emma Berger (1895-1925)</br />
Oleatha Emma Berger (1895-1925)
Grover Cleveland Lackland (1893-1957)</br />Mina Berger Lackland (1888-1962)</br />
Grover Cleveland Lackland (1893-1957)
Mina Berger Lackland (1888-1962)
Nellie Louise Jones (1915-1990)</br />
Nellie Louise Jones (1915-1990)
Robert Lewis Burns (1932-1932)</br />
Robert Lewis Burns (1932-1932)
Samuel Robert King (1837-1915)</br />
Samuel Robert King (1837-1915)
Willard  Lackland (1910-1992)</br />Elizabeth  Lackland (1913-1991)</br />
Willard Lackland (1910-1992)
Elizabeth Lackland (1913-1991)
Nellie H. Cheatham (1865-1948)</br />George Madison Cheatham (1849-1938)</br />
Nellie H. Cheatham (1865-1948)
George Madison Cheatham (1849-1938)
Leonard Bryan Cheatham (1897-1931)</br />
Leonard Bryan Cheatham (1897-1931)
Lillie A. Cheatham (____-1882)</br />
Lillie A. Cheatham (____-1882)
Samel M. Cheatham (1854-1899)</br />
Samel M. Cheatham (1854-1899)
Madison  Cheatham (1821-1899)</br />Martha Judith L. Cheatham (1832-1910)</br />
Madison Cheatham (1821-1899)
Martha Judith L. Cheatham (1832-1910)