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Dysart Family Cemetery
(Township 50, Range 19, Section 22 on a farm owned by Harry Thomas & has often been referred to as the Thomas Cemetery.)

Compiled by: Shirley Haynes, Rev. J. Wayne Merrill & Avlyn Conley (listed 17 November 1981) as part of, and trading as SALINE SENTIMENTS. Published by: Saline Sentiments. Contributed by Avlyn Dodd Conley. Transcribed for Saline County MOGenWeb by C.J. Ellis

Cemetery was in very poor condition.

Dysart, Robert b. 12 Sept 1804 d. 28 Mar 1870
Dysart, Francis G. Wife of Robert Dysart d. 19 Sept 1867 Age about 56 yrs
Townsend, Sanders A.H. Son of J.B. & E.C. Townsend b. 19 Oct 1870 d. 3 Aug 1872
Townsend, Cynthia Dau of J. & E. Townsend b. 16 Jan 1869 d. 20 Nov 1869
Dysart, Ezekiel R. Son of Robt. Dysart (no death date) age 8 mos
Cole, Annie Dau of F. & M.F. Cole d. 1 Oct 1865 Age 6 mos 5 ds
Dameron, Miney K. Dau of W.M. & S.A. Dameron d. 24 May 1860 Age 20 ds
? (footstone, J.A.T.)
? (native stone, no info.)
Dysart, Henry F.G. Son of Robt. F.G. Dysart d. 22 Sept 1855 Age 1 yr 6 mos 2 ds
Dysart, John N. Son of Robt, Dysart (no death date) age 11 mos 7 ds
Cole, Fannie W. Dau of S.F. & M.F. cole d. 3 June 1872 Age 9 mos 11 ds
? (footstone, M.W.)
Dysart, Dr. Wm. P. d. 18 Aug 1866 Age 31 yrs
Wear, Martha K.J. Wife of Rev. J.A. Wear d. 28 Nov 1865 Age 32 yrs 9 mos
Dameron, Sarah Ann Wife of W.M. Dameron d. 29 May 1860 Age 20 yrs 11 mos 13 ds
? (native stone, no info.)
Dysart, Nannie B. Dau of W.P. & M.J. Dysart d. 6 Sept 1867 Age 2 yrs 9 mos