Raines Cemetery
Pettis County, Missouri

We have entered 26 records for this cemetery. The earliest burial we have entered is for Charles Raines (1848) and the latest is for Tom Nichols (1915). The last update was on Saturday, 27 August 2016.

Directions: Heaths Creek Township, Section 21 (northwest quarter). On the east side of Hwy J, where Walk Road joins J from the west, a quarter mile south of Saline border; visible.

Notes: Cemetery has some iron fencing, is unattended, and chigger city -- no place to pull off. I'd say someone with a will to succeed should visit this cemetery in February (on a bicycle?) with an hour to spare on either side of noon. GCW

One marker for a John L. Newton was removed from here and placed by his wife's marker at Miller's Chapel Cemetery. Not a grave relocation.

Credits: Recorded by Mrs. Genevieve L. Carter circa 1960. Justin Watkins submitted the photographs.

Alexander, Sallie (___-___)

Bell, John Joseph (___-1877)

Bell, Priscilla E. (___-1884)

Gum, ____ (___-1900)

King, Sarah E. (___-1867)

Newton, John L. (___-1902)

Newton, Martha (___-1884)

Nichols, Jennie (1874-1912)

Nichols, Margaret (___-1903)

Nichols, Tom (1868-1915)

Nichols, ____ (___-___)

Pursley, James (___-___)

Pursley, Jennie B. (1855-1910)

Raines, Charles (1818-1848)

Raines, Infant (1879-1879)

Raines, Infant (1876-1876)

Raines, Lewis (1884-1886)

Raines, Liza J. (1843-1882)

Raines, Martha (1823-1894)

Raines, Rachel (___-___)

Raines, William S. (1842-1882)

Smith, Ethan B. (___-1883)

Smith, Joseph (1794-1875)

Smith, Sarah C. (___-1904)

Smith, ____ (___-1899)

Whitlock, Emer May (___-1884)