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William Duke Family

Matt offers the following information and speculations: "William Duke is sitting, center. William Duke's wife is Emaline Brim and his children that made it to adulthood are Estella Duke (who married Dr. Omer Clabaugh), Luella Duke (who married Harry Lee McCune), Arthur Duke (who married Velma Divers), and Emma Duke (who married George Wagner). I don't know who all the males are in the picture. The man behind William is probably his son Arthur. William's wife is probably to his right and Arthur's wife to William's left. The two people in the back left are probably Dr. Omer Clabaugh and Estella Duke, and the two guys in the back right are probably Arthur's sons."

La Monte Cemetery: William Duke, 1841-1930; Emelina Duke, 1846-1934; Estella Duke Clabaugh, 1875-1928; & Dr. Omer W. Clabaugh, 1875-1928.

Top L-R; Estella Duke Clabaugh, Emma Duke Wagner, & Luella Duke McCune; Bottom L-R; Arthur Duke, Emaline Brim Duke, & William Duke. IDs written on back of photo.

Submitter: Matt McCune