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Samuel Glick, farmer, section 22, was born in Shenandoah County, Virginia, January 2, 1835. His grandfather, John Glick, was a native of Maryland, and Joseph Glick, his father, was born in Virginia. He was there married to Miss Susan Wampler, who was a Virginian by birth. They had a family of nine children, Samuel being the eighth in number.

He was reared in his native county, and was educated in the town of New Market. In 1857, he came to Holt County, Missouri. He has followed farming during life, and now has a landed estate of 476 acres. He (Mr. Glick) was married December 25, 1861, to Miss Martina Pearson. Four children were the fruit of this union: Achsah S., Anna B., Emma F., and George W. Mrs. Glick was born in Buchanan County, Missouri, April 20, 1841. Her father, James Pearson, was a native of Kentucky. Her mother's maiden name was Achsah Jenkins, a native of Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Glick are members of the German Baptist Church.

Source: "History of Holt and Atchison Counties, 1882" transcribed by Karyn.