Mr. Kaucher has been a resident of Oregon (Holt County, Mo.) since 1855. He was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania on November 22, 1831. In 1838, his parents moved to Germantown, Montgomery County, Ohio.

His father was a machinist; Mr. KAUCHER learned the same trade and worked at that occupation in Germantown until he moved to Leavenworth, Kansas in the spring of 1855 where he lived during the progress of troubles which preceded the admission of Kansas into the Union. He first came to Holt County, Missouri in 1855 and settled in Oregon.

Following his occupation as a millwright, he built several mills in Missouri and Kansas. He was elected sheriff of Holt County in 1862 and held the office for two terms, four years. In 1867 he was appointed Assistant United States Assessor and held that position about four years. He then engaged in the real estate business, acting as an agent for land transactions in Holt County In July, 1874, in company with John M. HASNESS, he started the Missouri Valley Times, a paper Republican in politics, which he published until selling the paper in August, 1876. He was formerly a Whig and has since been a Republican.

His first marriage was in 1858 to Sarah E. WATSON of Holt County who died Aug. 9, 1872. He married Lucy S. CHRISTIAN on May 26, 1873. He has devoted his leisure time to the study of meteorology and has written extensively on the early history and resources of Holt County including the Centennial history of the county for presentation at the anniversary celebration in Oregon in 1876.

HOLT COUNTY PRESS -- The Press is the successor to the Missouri Valley Times, founded by Wm. KAUCHER and J. HASNESS as a Republican paper. Henry SHUTTS bought the paper in 1876 and began the publication of the Holt County Press, a paper Democratic in politics. The paper has secured wide circulation and the ability and vigor with which its columns are edited has made it popular and influential. As a Democratic paper, it appeals to the support of a large class of the population of the county which, previous to its foundation, had no representative in any home journal.

Source: An Illustrated Historical Atlas Map, Holt County, MO., p. 35

Submitted by Dave Roberts, Lyon County, Kentucky, former Holt County resident.