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Date of Birth
Mother's Maiden
Abbott, Mar--- Blanche Holt Co., MO 03/06/1884 Hillington ? Abbott Anna Belle Abbott G---
Cow?, Melissa Cal? Bigelow Twp 01/23/1886 John Henry Cow? Cynthia Jane Cow? ?-nkel
Hicks, Clarence Irvine S. of Bigelow 08/12/1884 Henry Hicks Phiebe Jane Hicks P.J. Banker
?ddings, Liberty Twp 07/20/1885 Frank S. -ddings Mary E. -ddings Debo--
?illen, Adam Holt Co., MO 08/16/1883 Jacob -illen C? -illen Splet?
?sterhouser, Holt Co., MO 10/22/1883 Hugh ?sterhouser Cassandara ?sterhouser ?
Able, Anna Marie East Lewis, Tenn. 09/1883 J? Able Paulina Susan Able
Ackins, Oregon, MO 01/1884 David S. Ackins Harriet Josephine Ackins Wilkerson
Adams 41/2 mi. SW of Bigelow 11/08/1883 George Henry Adams Mary Jane Catherine Adams
Adams S Hahn Bigelow Tp November 5th 1883 George Henry Adams Mary Jane Catherine Adams
Adams, Holt Co., MO 04/30/1884 John Adams Ma-illa Adams Leach
Adams, Holt Co., MO 03/07/1885 Smith Adams Nora Adams Wi-low
Adams, 01/11/1887 George Henry Adams Mary Jane Catherine Adams Mary Jane Catherine Harris
Adams, Joseph Henry Holt Co., MO 09/20/1884 Geo. ? Adams M? J? Adams
Algire, Maitland, MO 08/15/1884 J.G. Algire Jennie Algire Jennie Miller
Allen, Craig, MO 08/1884 Frank K. Allen Luella Scott Allen Luella Scott McKee
Anderson, Holt Co., MO 06/18/1884 Nathaniel Anderson Ann Anderson Hatfield
Anderson, Holt Co., MO 07/21/1884 John W. Anderson Jerrilla Anderson Jerrilla Walls
Anderson, Liberty Twp 09/26/1886 Nathaniel Anderson Ann Anderson Hatfield
Anderson, 12/09/1886 Joseph Anderson Mary Anderson Miller
Andes, Mound City, MO 08/29/1884 Wm. G. Andes Elizabeth Andes Mohler
Applegate, Douglas Holt Co., MO 03/27/1884 John Applegate Lois Applegate Waite
Ar-ack, Holt Co., MO 02/17/1885 Henry A. Ar-ack Alice M. Ar-ack Alice M. Blair
Arnold, Holt Co., MO 07/23/1883 Reuben Arnold Eunice Arnold Todd
Arnold, Charles Henry West Lewis Twp 07/08/1884 Rueben N. Arnold Eunice Arnold Todd
Ashbocker, Holt, MO 01/25/1884 Samuel Ashbocker Susan Ashbocker Susan Bil-en
Ashbury, Joseph Forbes, MO 11/23/1883 Joseph Ashbury Jane Ashbury
Ashworth, Oregon, MO 09/23/1884 WilliamAshworth B? Ashworth ?
Bagby, Holt Co., MO 02/12/1884 Joseph P. Bagby Nancy Ann Bagby Nancy Ann Rogers
Bain, William Morris Craig, MO 02/1884 James W. Bain H? Bain Bradford
Baker, Holt Co., MO 09/26/1884 F. Baker A.E. Baker A.E. Smith
Baldwin, Forest City 08/11/1883 Joel Douglas Baldwin Ida Baldwin Light
Banberger, Holt Co., MO 12/10/1883 Frank Banberger Harriet Banberger ?
Barnes, West Lewis Twp 10/11/1885 Hugh Barnes Mrs. Hugh Barnes Barbara -ry
Bering, Clay Twp 07/08/1884 Cyrus Bering Mary Jane Bering R?
Biggs, Holt Co., MO 09/15/1883 Ross M. Biggs Nannie Biggs Morrow
Biggs, Oregon, MO 10/08/1883 Hugh S. Biggs Biggs ?
Biggs, Holt Co., MO 02/03/1885 Ross M. Biggs N? A. Biggs Morrow
Black, Craig 10/22/1883 William J. Black Hannah J. Black Taylor
Black, Craig, MO 11/08/1885 W.J. Black H. J. Black Taylor
Blake, Virgil Clay Maitland, MO 04/09/1885 John W. Blake Lillie G. Blake Bird
Blazier, Clay Twp 11/01/1883 Samuel Blazier Florence Blazier Florence Butler
Blun-, Forbes, MO 11/01/1884 John Blun- Mary L. Blun- Devores
Bodenheimer - Mother Holt Co Mo Dec 7, 1883 M V Bodenheimer
Bodle, Maitland, MO 09/24/1889 William M. Bodle Cordelia Bodle
Bohart, Maitland, MO 12/03/1883 ? L. Bohart Nellie Bohart Rus----
Bohart, Maitland, MO 02/28/1886 P.L. Bohart El? Marian Bohart Russell
Bolman, Lucy Pearl 11/29/1883 ?. L. Bolman Martha Bolman
Boyd, Bigelow Twp 02/29/1884 Richard Boyd Elizabeth Boyd ?
Boyd, Dolly Forest City, MO 11/10/1884 Joseph C? Boyd Mary Boyd ?
Boyer, Cecil G. Craig, MO 04/1884 William N. Boyer Boyer Clark---
Boyles, Lucinda Forbes, MO 01/08/1885 Lewis Boyles Mary Francis Boyles H?
Bradberry, ?nion Twp 05/15/1884 James T. Bradberry Bunavista Bradberry O-ahin-dra
Bradly, Mound City, MO 04/11/1884 John Bradly Louisa Bradly Jones
Bramback, Corning, MO 02/26/1886 Geo. D. Bramback Lizzie Bramback Strickler
Bramble, Maitland, MO 06/28/1885 Alonzo F. Bramble Annie L. Bramble ?orbs
Bray--rd, Bigelow Twp 06/01/1885 Wm. Bray--rd Dora Bray--rd Watson
Bridge, Oregon, MO 10/02/1883 Christoper C. Bridge Mary M. Bridge Wash
Bridgeman Near Bigelow Oct 27, 1883 J F Bridgeman Mary E Bridgeman
Bridgsman Near Bigelow, MO 10/27/1883 J.F. Bridgsman Mary E. Bridgsman
Brigham, Forest City, MO 11/27/1886 Chas. Brigham Elizabeth Brigham ?
Broham Holt Co., MO 03/25/1885 Hugh A. Broham Maggie Broham
Brohan Holt Co Mo Mar 25th 1885 Hugh A Brohan Maggie Noland
Brom, Holt Co., MO 11/02/1883 Joseph A. Brom Mary A. Brom
Browning, Effie Holt Co., MO 09/23/1884 Wm. ? Browning Julia B. Browning May
Browning, Eugene B. Holt Co., MO 11/28/1883 Daniel B. Browning Allis B. Browning Ashby
Brownlee, Forbes, MO 10/01/1883 John Brownlee Millie Brownlee Millie Cook
B-rrier, Holt Co., MO 03/31/1884 Hugh B-rrier Barbary B-rrier ?rey
Brumbach, Geo. Strickler Craig, MO 12/26/1883 Geo. M. ? Brumbach L? Brumbach Strickler
Bullock, Forest City, MO 06/25/1884 T. E. Bullock Alice B. Bullock Alice B. Chadwick
Bullock, 12/31/1886 T.E. Bullock Alice Bullock Chadwick
Burge, Bigelow Twp 01/19/1884 Milton Burge Sarah Ann Burge McConly
Burge, Bigelow Twp 01/01/1884 K? Burge Lavinia Burge Snodgrass
Burge, Merdin F. Bigelow Twp 05/18/1885 William M. Burge Catherine Burge C. Jones
Burges, Holt Co., MO 03/1884 Augustus J. Burges Mary Burges Buch-
Burkhalter, Craig, MO 07/14/1884 George L. Burkhalter Kitty P. Burkhalter Kitty P. Maupin
Burnett, Holt Co., MO 01/05/1884 Harvey E. Burnett Sarah E. Burnett Kunkle
Burnett, Maud Clemens 6 miles SW of Bigelow 01/24/1887 John Burnett Mary Ellen Burnett Mary Ellen Hodges
Burris, Holt Co., MO 12/16/1883 A-dy Burris Mary Ellen Burris
Bush, Alice May West Lewis Twp 05/23/1885 David H. Bush Rebecca E. Bush K?
Bush, Mary E. Holt Co., MO 01/17/1885 Thomas B. Bush Sarah J? Bush Turner
Butler, Chas. T. Oregon, MO 04/30/1884 Jno. T. Butler Maggie H. Butler Thompson
Butts, Harmony 01/25/1884 Joseph Henry Butts Eliza Jane Butts Eliza Jane Peir-e
Caldwell, Forbes Twp 10/21/1883 Am-a Caldwell Mary Caldwell Burnes?
Caldwell, Adelbert/Adella Holt Co.,MO 11/18/1884 A--za Caldwell Nancy F. Caldwell
Ca--line, Annie May Holt Co., MO 05/08/1884 John Hall Ca--line Mary Susan Ca--line Jud-
Callahan, Kala Maitland, MO 11/15/1883 D. Callahan K? Callahan Thompson
Calloway, Charlie Zachniais Bigelow Twp 09/15/1883 Richard Zachniais M? Calloway
Calon, Adam Clark Craig, MO Howel L. Calon Jennie Calon Wilson
Calron, Bigelow, MO 09/17/1885 Wm. L. Calron Mary L. Calron Mary L. Long
Campbell, Holt Co., MO 05/10/1884 George Campbell Katherine Campbell ?
Campbell, Holt Co., MO 02/02/1885 John H. Campbell Eliza Jane Campbell Eliza Jane Ashworth
Carder, Near Oregon, MO 06/10/1885 D.C. Carder Susan C. Carder
Carroll, Holt Co., MO 07/30/1884 James G. Carroll Sarah Carroll Trench
Carson, Maitland, MO 02/24/1886 Scott Carson Mahala C. Carson Howard
Castle, Oregon 08/08/1883 A? Castle Castle Jackson
Catron, Bigelow 02/04/1884 William Lovell Catron Mary Lumetta Catron Long
Chadwick, Clara Belle Craig, MO 03/17/1885 Edgar H. Chadwick E? Chadwick Butler
Chase, Holt Co., MO 09/19/1883 Ca-les Albert Chase Ellen Chase Ellen Spencer
Chase, Holt Co., MO 04/26/1885 J.F. Chase E-ud E. Chase
Chesney, Wilson Near Forest City, MO 01/18/1884 Prater Chesney Allice A. Chesney Tyfer
Childers, Holt Co., MO 08/31/1883 ? Childers Jesse Jane Childers Jesse J. Murray
Chuning, Edwin ? Holt Co., MO 08/17/1885 George Douglas Chuning Sadie Maud Chuning Sadie Maud Cooper
Claiborne, Ralph Craig Craigh, MO 12/01/1883 T. Nelson Claiborne Mary E. Claiborne Sedwick
Clark, Holt Co., MO 07/19/1883 Wm. Clark B? Clark Williams
Clark, Forbes Twp 10/06/1883 William Clark Louisa Clark Louisa ?aucher
Clark, Liberty Twp 05/28/1884 John ? Clark Mary ? Clark Blair
Clark, Craig, MO 08/24/1884 Thomas Clark Martha Clark Martha Williams
Clark, Holt Co., MO 01/14/1886 S. Milton Clark Catherine L. Clark Sager
Clark, George Marvin Near Mound City, MO 11/1884 Worth B. Clark Nancy L. Clark Nancy L. McNully
Clay, Oregon, MO 01/25/1885 John Henry Clay Emma A. Clay Emma A. Kunkel
Closs, Atchison Co., MO 12/23/1883 Anthony Closs Anna Closs Anna Lo-d
Clyde Marion Jackson Corning, MO 01/27/1884 John Jackson Ida Jackson Ida DeLong
Cobb, Holt Co., MO 11/23/1883 Addison Cobb Anna Cobb B?
Cole, L.D. Bigelow, MO 02/20/1884 ?. D, Cole Phoebe Ann Cole Boll---
Collier, Forbes Twp. 01/10/1884 Joseph Collier Christina Collier Christina M. Williams
Collins, Holt Co., MO 08/06/1884 J.L. Collins A? Collins
Colvin, George Oregon 07/03/1883 George Colvin Amanda Colvin Peters
Colwall, Clay Twp 08/11/1887 James Calwall Jennie Colwell Shawyer
Colwell, Frank Leroy Holt Co., MO 10/08/1884 Moses Lincoln Colwell Louisa Colwell Louisa Vanderv-lde
Conaway, Holt Co.,MO 11/17/1884 Winfield S? Conaway Elizabeth Ann Conaway Lacey
Cook, Rushbotam, MO 12/05/1884 J? Cook Caroline Cook ?
Cooksey, Corning, MO 01/04/1887 Wm. L. Cooksey Mary Elizabeth Cooksey Mary E. Medford
Cooksey, Henry Forbes, MO 03/29/1884 ? Cooksey Elizabeth Cooksey S?
Cooper, Holt Co., MO 01/28/1885 Amos Cooper Sarah E. Cooper Sarah E. Twisdal
Cooper, Bigelow Twp 05/17/1885 Franklin R. Cooper Fannie Leona Cooper Adkison
Corder, Holt Co., MO 03/25/1885 John Wesley Corder Harriet Corder Harriet Carter
Corsant, Orren P. Mound City, MO 07/22/1883 Chas. ? Corsant A? C. Corsant ?
Couier, Oregon, MO 08/21/1883 Jamer Couier Dora Couier ?
Cowan, Hickory Twp 12/25/1884 Robert G. Cowan Mollie B. Cowan Mollie B. Kunkle
Cowan, Mary Estell Oregon, MO 06/03/1884 John F. Cowan Estell M. Cowan Goslin
Cowan, Robert Hickpry Twp 11/20/1887 Robert G. Cowan Mattie B. Cowan K-nkle
Cowder, Holt Co., MO 01/13/1886 Robert G. Cowder Mollie Cowder ?-enkel
Crawford, Holt Co., MO 08/23/1884 William Crawford Martha E. Crawford Fields
Crayton, Clay Twp 10/27/1885 John R. Crayton Elizabeth Crayton Bigelow
Cr-ckell, Holt Co., MO 05/23/1884 ? Cr-ckell Cynthia Cr-ckell Thompson
Crews Lewis Twp 01/01/1884 Edward Marshall Crews Sarah Ann Samantha Crews
Crews Lewis Tp Holt Co Mo Jan 1st 1884 Edward Marshall Crews Sarah Ann Samantha Crews
Criss, Carrie Christine Irene Craig, MO 02/12/1884 ? Criss Criss
Cropp Mound City, MO 04/18/1885 James H. Cropp Adges Cropp
Cropp, Holt Co., MO 07/01/1884 Albert D. Cropp Josephine Cropp Wilson
Crosley, Maitland, MO 07/04/1886 Philip Crosley Charlotte Crosley Snow
Crow, Bigelow Twp 04/30/1884 Isaac Crow Elizabeth Crow E-astey
Crowell, Holt Co., MO 11/22/1884 Milton Crowell ? Crowell Foster
Cu?, Oregon, MO J.E. Cu? Cu?
Cunningham Maitland, MO 09/14/1885 ?erret W. Cunningham Allice E. Cunningham
Darnall, Littleton Dryden Holt Co., MO 08/18/1883 Jos. D. Darnall Nancy A? Darnall Dryden
Davidson, Oregon, MO 01/20/1884 Samuel Davidson Agnes S? Davidson Kruk
Davidson, Holt Co., MO 06/02/1884 Jas. W. Davidson Mary C. Davidson Williams
Davidson, Near Filmore 07/13/1885 Taylor Davidson Anna Davidson R?
Davis, 08/08/1884 John E. Davis ? Davis
Davis, Sarah Jane Holt Co., MO 08/05/1885 Franklin P. Davis Martha S. Davis Martha S. Genl-y
Decon, Hickory Twp 03/1884 Joel Decon ? Decon
Deg-, Lincoln Twp 06/14/1884 William Deg- Mary Deg- Mary E?
DeLong, Craig, MO 04/21/1884 ? Delong Ruhama DeLong Ruhama O'Dell
Dern, Holt Co., MO 04/25/1884 William A. Dern Ida Bell Dern Young
Devault, Forest City, MO 03/30/1885 ? Frazer Eunice Devault Eunice Frazer
Dick, Mound City, MO 09/15/1884 Warren Dick Elizabeth Dick Bu--il
Dick, Bigelow, MO 05/18/1885 Frank E. Dick Ida Bell Dick I.B. Hunt
Dietrich, Mound City, MO 09/13/1883 Gustav H. Dietrich Eunice Dietrich Brown
Do---, Holt Co., MO 11/13/1883 Toulaire Do--- Mary M. Do--- Mary M. Ashby
Dodge, Lewis Twp 05/17/1885 ? E. Dodge Martha ? Dodge Ba?
Dodge, West Lewis Twp 12/04/1886 Thomas Dodge Mollie Dodge
Don--, Lincoln Twp 04/16/1885 H.A. Don-- Addie E. Don-- Addie E. Remberger
Doubelu-g, Craig, MO 09/05/1884 Fred Doubelu-g Mary Emilin Doubelu-g Cook
Dowden, Holt Co., MO 04/01/1885 Edward Dowden Nancy Jane Dowden Bentley
Dozier, Forest City, MO 08/01/1884 John Dozier Lucinda Dozier L. Kinder
D-rr, Nodaway Twp 07/24/1884 William M. D-rr Mary M. D-rr Mary M. Preston
Dryden, Holt Co., MO 01/11/1884 John Littleton Dryden Euni-la Ida Dryden Porter
Du?, West Lewis Twp 11/12/1885 Jno. Du? Mary J. Du? Day
Duke, 5 miles S of Bigelow (R. Notley's farm) 03/01/1887 James Alexander Duke Sarah Elizabeth Duke S.E. Cul-on
Duke, Elud Alla Holt Co., MO 12/18/1884 James Alexander Duke Sarah E. Duke S.E. Car-on
Dunkan, Jacob (Book D) Mound City, MO 12/17/1883 Ambrose Dunkan Dunkan ?
Dunkelberger, Holt Co., MO 11/26/1883 Isaac W. Dunkelberger Lydia A. Dunkelberger Smith
Dunn Forest City, MO 11/06/1884 Jno. Dunn Mary Dunn
Dyer, Saml Forbes, MO 09/15/1884 Chas. H. Dyer Mary E. Dyer Briggs
E. Lucino Hart Maitland, MO 02/21/1886 Edwin L. Hart Fanny Hart Fanny McDowell
Earl, Holt Co., MO 11/23/1883 Bruce Earl Seraf--- Allevetta Earl ?routhrie
Easton, Oregon, MO 12/25/1883 Illegimate child Angelina Easton Wash
Ebert, Holt Co., MO 07/27/1883 Martin Ebert Don't know Don't know
Eckard Union Twp 03/06/1884 Robert O. Eckard Mary E. Eckard
Eckland Union Tp 03/06/15 Robert O Eckland Mary E Eckland
Eddie Horn Maitland, MO 01/02/1885 John Horn Katherine Fredica Horn ?
Edwards, Holt Co., MO 12/08/1883 Byron Edwards Emille Edwards Payne
Edwards, Phil. Sheridan Corning, MO 10/09/1886 Cyrus A. Edwards Aba Eliza Edwards ?ole
Elder, Holt Co., MO 01/21/1884 W.J. Elder Mary Elder
Elder, Joseph Holt Co., MO 08/27/1884 James Elder Anna E. Elder ?
E--ll, Holt Co., MO 08/27/1883 Goldman E--ll E--ll Meek
England, Near Oregon, MO 01/11/1884 Richard England Nancy England Nancy Lee
Evans, Forest City, MO 08/17/1884 Jos. Evans Vina Evans Turney
Everett, Mound City, MO 12/11/1883 William R, Everett Sarah V. Everett Sarah V. Washa--
Farley, Holt Co., MO 10/18/1883 Louis Farley Sarah A. Farley Marcuin
Farmer, Holt Co., MO 04/07/1884 A? Farmer Alice C. Farmer E---ly
Faulkner, Craig, MO 10/19/1885 Theodore Faulkner Lena Faulkner Smith
Fender, Mound City, MO 09/05/1883 George Washington Fender ? Fender Clark
Fenerbacker, Holt Co., MO 03/09/1884 Henry Fenerbacker Sarah A. Fenerbacker Howard
Fenk, George William Holt Co., MO 07/11/1884 Wm. H. Fenk Anna Fenk Anna Scott
Ferguson, William Mound City, MO 01/23/1885 Joseph R. Ferguson Amelia Ferguson Amelia Murohy
Fern Waddle West Lewis Twp 12/20/1886 G.M. Waddle Ettie Waddle Kirkpatrick
Fields, West Lewis, Tenn 08/20/1883 Landon Fields Alice Fields Not known
Fields, Forest City, MO 01/1884 ? Fields Fields Smith?
Fisher Forest City, MO 11/18/1883 Benjamin Fisher Hellen Fisher
Fisher Forest City Mo Nov 18, 1883 Benj Fisher Helen Fisher
Fisher, Holt Co., MO 06/26/1884 Samuel Fisher Elizabeth Fisher Roo-
Fleene, Samuel H. Liberty Twp 07/08/1883 John Fleene Margaret Fleene Margaret Gould
Fleming, Maitland, MO 01/09/1884 Parker Fleming Ella ? Fleming Andrews
Fleming, Bigelow, MO 03/10/1885 B.F. Fleming Laura Alice Fleming Alice O'Neall
Fleming, Bigelow 03/10/1887 Benjamin Franklin Fleming Laura Alice Fleming L.A. O'Neall
Fleming, Otis Maitland, MO 10/29/1885 Pa-- A. Fleming Nellie E. Fleming Nellie E. Andrews
Fogg, Holt Co., MO 02/27/1885 Joseph E. Fogg Elizabeth Fogg Elizabeth Do-ar-
Forbes, Maitland, MO 07/27/1885 Ira Forbes Mary E. Forbes Cozad
Ford, Frazer Lee Forest City, MO 12/20/1883 Jacob M. Ford Nannie T. Ford Li-sey
Foster, Holt Co., MO 12/09/1883 Jas. M. Foster Adaline ?. Foster K?
Foster, Oregon, MO 09/27/1884 Albert Foster Foster
Foster, Holt Co., MO 10/09/1885 Andrew J. Foster Betsy J. Foster Betsy J. Willey
Foster, Thomas Oregon, MO 04/08/1885 James ? Foster Lizzie Ann Foster Liza A. P?
Fra--e, Beulah Oregon, MO 11/1884 Wm. ? Fra--e Fannie Fra--e Arnold
Frazer, Holt Co., MO 01/25/1885 William M. Frazer Adetta G. Frazer ?ullon
Frederic Boyd Bigelow Twp 07/10/1885 Wm. J. Boyd Louisa ? Boyd Dodge
Frederick-Decker, Edward Hemrich August Craig, MO 10/15/1887 Konrad Frederick-deker Maria Katherina -deker Vollmer
Freeland, Holt Co., MO 01/12/1885 John Freeland Joanna Freeland Joanna Miller
Friedman, Oregon, MO 09/09/1885 L.H. Friedman Minnie Friedman Minnie Cohen
Fuller, Nevon Hester Mound City, MO 03/02/1884 Chester C. Fuller Sallie M? Fuller Bagby
Gallager, Squaw Creek District 02/24/1886 John Gallager Ellen Gallager Ellen Graham
Gardner, Holt Co., MO 02/26/1885 William A. Gardner Mary L. Gardner Springler
Garfield, William Liberty Twp 01/30/1884 Jacob Rueben Keller Susan Virginia Keller Andes
Gelvin, Maitland, MO 09/29/1884 David A. Gelvin Lizzie B. Gelvin Hensh--
Gelvin, Clay Twp 04/14/1885 James T. Gelvin Mary B. Gelvin Mary B. Ramsey
Gibson, Mound City, MO 12/05/1883 John Gibson Jane Gibson
Gibson, Craig, MO 12/21/1884 Maxwell Gibson Eliza Gibson Silwails
Gillis, Holt Co., MO 10/05/1883 George Gillis Jr. Addie Gillis Addie Hill
Goodpasture, Holt Co., MO 01/26/1885 Dilurd Goodpasture Frances H. Goodpasture Oba--on
Gordan, Holt Co., MO 09/09/1884 John H. Gordan Liza Jane Gordan Hosier
Graham, Near Bigelow, MO 12/18/1883 Lucius Graham Elizabeth Gratham E. Owens
Graham, East Lewis Twp 07/24/1885 Joseph H. Graham Lizzie C. Graham Lizzie C. Collin?
Green, Mary Melissa Oregon, MO 09/14/1883 Abner H. Green Margaret Ellen Green Rush
Green, Ulysses S. Oregon, MO 04/26/1884 John W. Green Mary M. Green ?
Greene, East Lewis Twp 04/15/1885 Abner H. Greene Margaret E. Greene Margaret E. Rush
Gri?, Lucy E. Holt Co., MO 08/23/1884 J? Gri? Christina Gri?
Gri--es, Eunilla Holt Co., MO 04/27/1884 Stephen Gri-es Laura Gri-es ?illers
Griffith, Lester Lee Holt Co., MO 01/16/1884 Abraham Griffith E/ Griffith Kite
Groo-ns, Lollie Craig, MO 09/26/1884 Oliver Groo-ns Ma? Groo-ns Bradley
Grove, Forest City, MO 02/25/1884 Edward ? Grove Mary Grove Ha?
Gurnsey Wm. John Corning, MO 07/17/1886 Wm. Gurnsey Rachel Gurnsey Rachel Smith
Guy Steele Bigelow, MO 10/04/1883 George Martin Steele Florence Mallissa Steele Bu-rick
Hahn, Holt Co., MO 12/04/1884 Daniel Hahn, Jr. Sarah Hahn Adams
Haines, John Henry Mound City, MO Joseph D-an Haines ? Emeline Haines ?
Hallie E. Sc-ttens Corning, MO 02/12/1885 Jacob Sc-ttens Lucinda Sc-ttens K?
Hamillon, Maud Holt Co., MO 05/18/1884 John Hamillon Mary Anna Hamillon S?
Hancock, Bigelow Twp 08/25/1884 Geo. W. Hancock Mary M. Hancock Mary M. Watson
Hancock, Mary Hattie Bigelow Twp. 08/08/1883 Geo. W. Hancock Mary Minerva Hancock Mary Minerva Watson
Hancock, Sarah Hallie Bigelow Twp 08/08/1883 Geo. W. Hancock Mary M. Hancock Mary M. Watson
Hanes, Union Twp 04/12/1884 Oregon Hanes Phoeba J. Hanes Gleason
Hardin, Holt Co., MO 02/02/1885 Not for sure Amanda Hardin Amanda Hardin
Hardy, Holt Co., MO 09/17/1883 Oliver Perry Hardy ? Hardy ?
Harrington, Liberty Twp 05/22/1884 Wm. R. Harrington Missouri Ann Harrington Porter
Harvey Cole Holt Co., MO 11/28/1884 Edward Cole ? Cole B?
Ha--s, Maitland, MO 10/27/1885 Joseph D. Ha--s Nancy E. Ha--s Shu-ds
Hatfield, Maitland, MO 09/21/1885 Joseph ? Hatfield Mary E. Hatfield Sullivan
Hayes, Craig, MO 03/25/1885 Jospeh L. Hayes Martley J. Hayes Farley
Headley, Holt Co., MO 02/23/1885 Ezekial W. Headley Mary M. Headley Foster
Heck Napier 01/03/1886 R.L. Heck Mrs. R.L. Heck
Heck, Liberty Twp 08/25/1883 John Heck Mrs. Heck Mrs. McNully
Hen?, Holt Co., MO 08/20/1884 H? Hen? Maggie J. Hen? ?
Henderson, Corning, MO 06/24/1887 Crawford Henderson Sarah Henderson Sarah Ward
Hershirer, Wilson Holt Co. 07/02/1883 Silas Hershirer Lizzie Hershirer ?selvin
Hester, Benton Twp 10/22/1883 Henry Hester Loridenice Jennett Hestin Shaffer
Hestin, Holt Co., MO 05/22/1884 Robert Hester M.E. Hester M.E. Kygi-
Hickman, Craig, MO 07/08/1884 Abner C. Hickman Mary Hickman
Hildebra-d, Lulu May Liberty Twp 02/06/1885 Joel D. Holdebra-d Nancy F. Holdebra-d Bond
Hildebrand, Holt Co., MO 01/07/1884 John Hildebrand Mary S. Hildebrand Wau-pler
Hildebraud, Liberty Twp 08/17/1885 Jonas S. Hildebraud Nancy R. Hildebraud Harrington
Hilderbraud, Liberty Twp 08/1885 Jonas A. Hildebraud Nancy R. Hildebraud Harrington?
Hill, Holt Co., MO 03/27/1885 George Hill Jane Hill Jane Gooley
Hinde, Oregon, MO 03/06/1885 Thomas S. Hinde Flora A. Hinde Thompson
Hinkle, 4 miles S of Bigelow 02/04/1887 ?ahugl- Green Hinkle Mary Elizabeth Hinkle Mary Elizabeth McKinnon
Hodge, Bigelow Twp 06/26/1884 William Hodge Jane Hodge Easter
Hodges, Bessie Clifton 6 miles SW of Bigelow 01/22/1887 Valentine Benton Hodges Martha Jane Hodges Martha Jane Burnett
Hoffman, Holt Co., MO 10/05/1884 Charles L. Hoffman Elizabeth K. Hoffman ?
Hoffman, Charles Edward E. Lewis Twp 01/11/1886 F. W. Hoffman Kate Louisa Hoffman Kramer
Hollinsworth, Holt Co., MO 05/08/1884 Charles Hollinsworth Harriet E. Hollinsworth Oxley
Holly, Holt Co., MO 03/21/1884 A? Holly Priscilla Holly Zook
Holmes, James Holt Co., MO 01/31/1885 El? E. Holmes Ann Eliza Holmes Ann Eliza Anderson
Holt, Maitland, MO 03/22/1885 George N. Holt Fannie ? Holt Baker
Honea, James W. Holt Co., MO 06/11/1884 Wm. T. Honea Laura Honea Fisher
Hopper, Sarah Ann Holt Co., MO 11/13/1883 Wm. Riley Hopper P? Hopper Go?
Horner, Corning, MO 07/19/1887 An? Horner Mary E. Horner Mary Watkins
Hudgens, Holt Co., MO 08/25/1883 Robt. V. Hudgens Elizabeth Hudgens Proctor
Huffman - Mother Forbes Tp March 6th 1884 Unknown Millie Huffman
Hughes, Nodaway, MO 08/08/1884 Samuel Hughes Melvina Hughes Melvina Fields
Hughes, James D. Forbes Twp 01/1884 Wm. Hughes Ang? Hughes
Hunt, Myrtle Oregon, MO 09/20/1883 Dave Johnson Hunt Ora Hunt Ribble
Hurst, Clay Twp 09/25/1886 Frederick Hurst A? Jane Hurst Davison
H-yd-n, Holt Co., MO 08/31/1883 Don't know Ollie Ha-d-n Don't know
Jackson, Oregon, MO 09/28/1883 John Jackson Catherine D. Jackson Parson
Jackson, Daisy Myrtle Holt Co., MO 03/15/1885 Henry F. Jackson Sarah E. Jackson Sarah E. Wilson
Jackson, Mikel Craig, MO 03/29/1884 E? Jackson Mary Elizabeth Jackson Bri?
Jamieson, Mound City, MO 09/15/1883 Albert H. Jamieson Mary Jamieson ?
Jenkins, Harmony, MO 08/18/1884 Cassius Jenkins Ella Jenkins Ella Miller
Johnson, Hockory Twp 03/07/1884 John Waran Johnson Mary Emiline Johnson Libby
Josie A. Crow New Point, MO 12/31/1885 William A. Crow Mary Crow Wh?
Joslin, West Lewis Twp 01/09/1886 Zacherius Joslin Mrs. Joslin
Judd, Holt Co., MO 03/10/1885 Seth Judd Sarah F. Judd Elder
Judy, Craig, MO 09/05/1884 Martin Judy Elizabeth Judy Hail?
Kee, 2 miles W. of T of Bigelow 01/15/1887 William John Kee Augusta Frederika Kee Bo-chers
Keiffer, Holt Co., MO 12/08/1883 Samuel B. Keiffer Charlotte Keiffer Carson
Keiffer, Holt Co., MO 01/25/1885 ? Keiffer C? Keiffer Meadows
Keller, Clay Twp 04/06/1885 William Keller Mattie Keller Hodge
Kellogg, Craig, MO 07/31/1884 Edgar J. Kellogg Carrie D. Kellogg CArrie Duke Bored
Kelly, Grover C. Forbes, MO 07/08/1884 John Kelly Louisa Kelly Hedrick
Kelso, Mound City, MO 09/15/1883 James Kelso Mrs. Kelso Mrs. Miller
Kelso, Geo W. & James F. Holt Co., MO 05/04/1885 John A. Kelso May F. Kelso Paton
Kenett, Craig, MO 05/17/1885 George Kenett Sarah C. Kenett Cole
Kennedy, Thurma B. Maitland, MO 11/12/1885 David Kennedy Lydie Kennedy Harmon
Kenyon, Ernest Munroe Maitland, MO 07/23/1883 John Samuel Kenyon Hallie Alice Kenyon Thu-maker
Key, Bigelow Twp 11/17/1884 Wm. John Key Augusta T. Key Borches
King, Maitland, MO 10/26/1884 E.M. King Mary Jane King H?
King, Robert Quigley Liberty Twp 12/11/1886 David Ward King Mary Wiley King Burbank
Kirk, 09/22/1884 Thomas Kirk
Knedle, Clay Twp 01/08/1884 John James Knedle Sarah A. Knedle Burbon
Know Bigelow Twp 06/18/1884 Don't know Lavina Noble
Knowles, Holt Co., MO 03/12/1884 John Knowles Sarah ? Knowles
Known not known 04/02/1885 Not known Mary E. Sapp
Kolb, Clay Twp 10/15/1885 El? Kolb Allice Kolb Hu-son
Kre-k, Elizabeth Oregon, MO 11/28/1884 Thomas C. Kre-k M? Kre-k ?
Kruse, Elkdale, MO 11/01/1884 Criss Kruse Matilda Kruse Morton
Kue-le, Archibald Franklin Holt Co., MO 10/23/1885 Anna Kue-le Buxton
Kuhu, Holt Co., MO 09/29/1884 David S. Kuhu Susie E. Kuhu Hilderbraud
Kuhu, Holt Co., MO 06/1885 Jacob W. Kuhu Susan A. Kuhu ?Glick
Kunkel Oregon, MO 10/20/1883 John H. Kunkel Maragret A. Kunkel
Kunkle Oregon Mo Oct 20, 1883 John H Kunkle Margaret A Kunkel
Kyger East Lewis Twp 06/15/1884 R.L. Kyger Mary Kyger
Kyger, East Lewis Tp 06/15/84 R L Kyger Mary Kyger
Larkan, Clay Twp 04/28/1885 Horace Larkan Sarah Larkan Norvell
Larkham, Clay Twp 04/29/1887 Horace Larkham Sarah D. Larkham Novell
Laudry, Holt Co., MO 03/04/1884 G. ? Laudry Eur-ka Laudry Sit-erly
Laughlin, Craig, MO 11/24/1883 Samuel S. Laughlin Eliza Jane Laughlin Groom?
Lawrence, Craig, MO 11/28/1884 Daniel Lawrence Catherine Lawrence Kuth
Lawson, Fannie Maitland, MO 04/18/1884 John Lawson Lizzie Lawson Di-on
Lawson, John Blay Holt Co., MO 12/1883 John Blay Lawson Anne Eliza Lawson Palmer
Layman, Maitland, MO 12/13/1885 John Layman Hellen C. Layman Role
Layman, Ella Holt Co., MO 04/1884 Layman Cla? Layman ?
Lease, Bigelow Twp 11/21/1884 Lawrence Lease Kate B. Lease Wagoner
Lease, Holt Co., MO 01/26/1885 Osker Lease Lucy Lease Lucy Sc?
Lee, Bigelow Twp 05/14/1885 Leander C. Lee Emily Jane Lee Noble
Lentzuch, Paula Karoline Dorathea? Union Twp 05/16/1886 Carl Herman Lentzuch Elizabeth W. G. Lentzuch ?-r-tge
Lewis Clark ? Choka Bigelow, MO 12/18/1884 Frank Choka Terrisa Choka Chirr--ka
Lewis, Oregon, MO 01/19/1885 Gilbert Lewis Sarah E? Lewis Joslyn
Lewis, Hickory Twp 10/02/1887 John Lewis Helene Lewis Helene Hanks
Lipper, Craig, MO 10/09/1884 William R. Lipper Sarah Lipper Snodgrass
Livingston, John C. Mound City, MO 10/27/1883 John O-ed-h Livingston C? Livingston ?
Livingston, Minia-ora Holt Co., MO 09/28/1883 Benjamin Shaeffer Elizabeth Shaeffer Harris?
Loffer, Clay Twp 01/19/1884 Lonzo Loffer Loffer
Long, Annie C. Bigelow Twp 10/31/1885 Elias Ab? Long Haney Ellen Long Haney Ellen Smith
Long, Ramonile Maitland, MO 10/10/1885 William Long Mollie Long Jaymison
Loucks, Clay Twp 11/21/1888 Abe Loucks Hellen Loucks
Lousegro--, Holt Co., MO 03/03/1885 David L. Lousegro-- Sarah S. Lousegro-- Miller
Luckhardt, Julia Caron Forest City, MO 12/01/1883 Lewis H. Luckhardt Mary C? Luckhardt ?
Lukens, George Samuel Oregon, MO 08/14/1884 Charles W. Lukens Alice Lukens Rayhill
Lunsford, George William Bigelow Twp 12/28/1883 Geo. William Lunsford Lunsford B--d
M?, Forest City, MO 12/16/1884 Joseph M? Mary M? Mary Rockroch
Mabel Libby Holt Co., MO 01/10/1886 ? Libby Lucy Libby Arden?
Man---, Holt Co., MO 12/1883 James M? Man--- Man--- ?
Marion, Holt Co., MO 06/01/1884 Robt. Marion Frances Marion F. Markevell
Marlin, Ech-- Maitland, MO ? Marlin E? Marlin ?
Mar-t, Ralph Jacob Oregon, MO 11/1883 Jacob Mar-t Mar-t ?
Martin, Mound City, MO 04/11/1884 Robert Martin Mary R. Martin Ervin
Martin, Holt Co., MO 02/06/1885 Christopher C. Martin A? A. MArtin Craig
Martin, Albert West Lewis Twp 03/29/1884 ? Martin Elizabeth S. Martin E.S. Biggs
Maude Alkire Oregon, MO 12/08/1884 H? Alkire ? Alkire
Maudy, Corning, MO 03/05/1884 Wm. A. Maudy Sarrilda Bell Maudy
Mawry, Oregon, MO 06/14/1884 John Mawry Hannah C. Mawry Hannah C. Kaune
May, Corning, MO 12/27/1883 Jake May May Vangundy
McAfer, Holt Co., MO 11/10/1883 John McAfer C? McAfer Baker
McCay, Martha Nevada Holt Co., MO 08/28/1883 James C. McCay Sarah E. McCay Sarah E. Ousley
McClasky, Clay Twp 01/22/1884 Robert McClasky McClasky
McCoy, Maitland, MO 02/07/1885 John E. McCoy Mary E. McCoy Mathews
McDonald, Maitland, MO 09/28/1883 H? McDonald Mary L. McDonald ?
McFadden, Oregon, MO 10/28/1883 Albert ? McFadden Nancy ? McFadden E?
McJulyre, Earl Geo. East Lewis Twp 11/09/1884 Ara McJulyre C? B. McJulyre
Mead East of Oregon 05/04/1886 John Mead Rosa Mead
Meadows, Clay Twp 01/03/1884 Alonzo Meadows Anna Jane Meadows Riley
Meadows, Sidney S. Holt Co., MO 08/25/1885 Alonzo Meadows Annie Meadows Annie Riley
Melvina Stone Poor Farm 03/16/1885 Lucy Stone Lucy Stone
Mer Holt Co., MO 12/07/1883 Martin V.B. Bodach-mer
Metcalf, Holt Co., MO 02/18/1884 John Metcalf C? Metcalf Bradley
Metcalf, Holt Co., MO 03/21/1886 John Metcalf Christina Metcalf Christina Bradley
Metcalf, Ervill Forbes, MO 03/16/1884 George T. Metcalf Mary C. Metcalf Scott
Meyer - Mother Holt Co Mo May 3rd 1884 Unknown Sarah Jane Meyer
Meyer, Holt Co., MO 03/12/1884 Alexander Meyer Eun-- Meyer Griffith
Meyer, Edna J. West Lewis Twp 07/1884 James Curtis Meyer Elizabeth Deborah Meyer Lukins
Meyer, Flore Belle Holt Co., MO 11/02/1883 Geo. Meyer, Jr. Amanda Meyer A. Griffith
Meyer, Fred Holt Co., MO 05/20/1885 George Meyer Amanda Jane Meyer Griffith
Minton, Olita Warren Lewis Twp., Holt Co. 06/1883 Joseph Lafayette Minton Minton ?
Minton, Robt. Lafayette Bigelow Twp 12/15/1883 Isaac Martin Minton Mary Elizabeth Minton Shepherd
M-nefer, Holt Co., MO 03/06/1884 Jas. C. M-nefer Alice Smith M-nefer Dulin
Mock, Sarah Irene Oregon, MO 12/23/1883 James Oliver Mock Lu Eu-nice Mock Taylor
Molen, B-y T Forbes, MO 03/04/1884 Molen Alice Molen
Moore, Oregon, MO 08/15/1885 Lewis J. Moore Emma Moore Emma Sporerle
Morenson, Maitland, MO 01/05/1885 Jesse F. Morenson Lyle Morenson Lyle Albertson
Morgan, Holt Co., MO 11/30/1884 Benjamin F. Morgan Mary E. Morgan Russell
Morris, 5 miles SW of Bigelow 02/09/1884 Joseph Morris P? Morris ?
Morris, William Franklin Walnut Grove, MO 10/07/1885 George Mar-in Morris S? Morris Jackson
Moser, George Mound City, MO 02/25/05 Jacob A. Moser Mary J. Moser Wilson
Moss, Holt Co., MO 07/23/1883 Edward Moss Moss Baker
Mu-lon, Lewis Twp 09/04/1885 John R. Mu-lon Ora Mu-lon P?
Murray, Mound City, MO 10/18/1883 Alfred M. Murray ? Murray ?
Murray, Holt Co., MO 01/10/1884 Perry D. Murray Jennie Murray Meek
Muse, Edgar L. Holt Co., MO 12/25/1883 Linville R. Muse Mary Isabel Muse Laudry
Na--an, Amos Benton Holt Co., MO 07/09/1883 Silas S. Na--an Isabelle Na--an Bird
Na---on, Craig, MO 10/02/1885 John Na---on Madie Na---on Davi-
Nash, Holt Co., MO 12/08/1883 Edwin P. Nash Ella B. Nash Miller
Nash, Lawrence A. Holt Co., MO 08/14/1883 Wm. Jesse Nash Safrona E. Nash S.E. Noble
Neal, Grace Holt Co., MO 07/09/1883 E? Neal Eliza Neal ?
Neale Forest City, MO 03/14/1885 Benj. F. Neale Martha Neale
Neiderhouser, Holt Co., MO 09/30/1883 Gollub Neiderhouser Mary Neiderhouser Mary Zumwalt
Newby, J.C. Mound City, MO 09/26/1884 Joseph Newby Jennie Newby ?
Newland, Mound City, MO 11/18/1883 Ja- W. Newland A. Newland A. Penn
Newstorf, Holt Co., MO 03/07/1886 August Newstorf Tina Newstorf Shellee
Nichols, Holt Co., MO 08/11/1883 Charles Nichols Mollie Nichols Knukel
Nichols, Holt Co., MO 10/16/1883 Geo. Nichols Nichols
Nichols, Carl A. Maitland, MO 06/14/1885 Albert W. Nichols Olivia Nichols Olivia Wells
Nickell, Holt Co., MO 11/13/1884 Geo. W. Nickell Mary Nickell Ashworth
Nipher, Ralph Collin Oregon, MO 06/11/1885 David L. Nipher Emily M. Nipher Emily M. Allen
Nobel - Mother Bigelow Tp June 18, 1884 Don't Know Lavina Nobel
Noland, Holt Co., MO 03/13/1885 Presley R. Noland Martha L. Noland Cropp
Noland, Frederick Morgan Holt Co., MO 03/10/1884 John Noland Martha Ann Noland Wallace
Null, Liberty Twp 03/13/1884 Geo. Null Null Cannon
Ogden, Holt Co., MO 08/31/1885 Jospeh Ogden Ogden
Orange, Corning, MO 10/20/1884 James H. Orange Orange
Orin Dicel Holt Co., MO 08/21/1884 Herman F. Dicel Catherine Dicel Bridges
Orville Co? Holt Co., MO 10/03/1885 David A. Co? Mary J. Co? Mary J. Stephenson
Osborn, Holt Co., MO 01/01/1884 M. Osborn E. Osborn ?
Owsley, Forest City, MO 09/08/1885 James Owsley Rose Owsley Miller
Pace, Oregon, MO 10/19/1883 ? Pace Sarah Frances Pace ?
Pa-ler, Hickory Twp 09/14/1885 Charles E. Pa-ler Ada B. Pa-ler Bloomer
Pa--ler, New Point, MO 01/24/1886 Edwin Pa--ler Martha C. Pa--ler Cable
Palur, Mound City, MO 06/16/1884 Wm. ? Palur Mary Jane Palur Mary Jane Gre--
Parrish, Craig, MO 12/27/1883 William A. Parrish Laurey McCay Parrish Careton
Parro--, Holt Co., MO 04/23/1884 S.N. Parro-- E.M. Parro-- Brown
Past--, Holt Co., MO 03/12/1884 Wm. Past-- Mary Ann Past--
Patterson, Holt Co., MO 11/14/1886 James Patterson Effy Patterson Effy Elliot
Paul Evans Oregon, MO 09/23/1888 Chester L. Evans Ella Evans Ella Cobb
Paulson, Holt Co., MO 09/20/1883 William ? Paulson Eliza ? Paulson ?
Payne, Bigelow Twp. 09/24/1883 Wily Tali-ferno Payne ? Ellen Payne ?
Payne, Forest City, MO 01/01/1887 Wm. Payne Eliza Payne Eliza Eastman
Payne, Ada Oregon, MO 10/08/1883 Joseph Payne Dollie H. Payne
Payne, James Thomas Oregon, MO 08/12/1885 Andrew B. Payne Henretta Payne Henretta Wheeler
Payne, Myrtle May Oregon, MO 05/17/1884 Andrew B. Payne Henrietta Payne W?
Pearce, Clay Twp 03/26/1885 A? S. Pearce Julia A. Pearce H?
Pendleton, Joseph H.R. Holt Co., MO 12/29/1884 George Pendleton Sarah C. Pendleton ?
Peppard, Robert Oregon, MO 02/14/1885 Not known, illegimate child Fannie Peppard Fannie M?
Perkins, George C. Maitland, MO 06/26/1884 F? Burton Perkins Sarah Ann Perkins Sarah Ann Davis
Peters, East Lewis Twp 12/07/1886 John Peters Jerisse Bell Peters J. Reynolds
Pew, Holt Co., MO 05/25/1885 John W. Pew Ann E. Pew Ann E. Wiggins
Phelps, Maitland, MO 08/01/1884 H.G. Phelps Billie Phelps Billie Lepert
Philbrick, Charlie Oregon, MO 11/28/1884 Clark Philbrick Lisetta Philbrick E-ler
Philbrick, Tom W. Oregon, MO 01/15/1885 John Philbrick L? Philbrick Wilson
Phillips, Corning, MO 11/27/1883 George Phillips Maranda ? Phillips Young
Pierce, Claude Thatcher Forbes Twp 07/04/1885 Lorenzo N. Pierce Mary E. Pierce Mary E. Moore
Pollock, Nodaway Twp 01/11/1887 Geo M. Pollock Louisa Jane Pollock M?
Popenley, Liberty Twp. 09/20/1883 James Popenley ? Popenley Smith
Po-ster, Maitland, MO 07/07/1885 Theodore H. Po-ster Sarah E. Po-ster Ricker
Potts, Ira (Illegimate) K? Grove, MO 12/15/1884 Laura E? Po--s
Poynter, Wm. Holt Co., MO 04/07/1884 James ? Poynter Mary S. Poynter Mary S. L---pp
Price, Alice Irvina Oregon 07/12/1883 George H? Price India L. Price Johnson
Prichard, Maitland, MO 03/01/1885 Jordan Prichard Mary Prichard Mary Scov--
Quick, Holt Co., MO 04/25/1884 Geo. Quick Mrs. Quick Edwards
Rally Leach Maitland, MO 02/12/1885 Napolean? Leach Mary ? Leach ?
Ramsey, Holt Co., MO 11/06/1883 Wm. ? Ramsey Julia Ramsey Julia Polly
Rathjens, Craig, MO 11/25/1884 Henry Rathjens Ulan Rathjens Balhjen
Ray Stout Holt Co., MO 04/07/1885 Smith M. Stout Martha E. Stout Martha E. Kelso
Rea, Maitland, MO 01/18/1885 Ribert Irvin Rea Belle Rea McRoberts
Reeves, Near Oregon, MO 09/10/1883 Geo. Reeves G.E. Reeves G.E. King
Reynolds, Corning, MO 10/1883 Will H. Reynolds Ella Reynolds Kirkland
Reynolds, Corning, MO 01/23/1885 William Reynolds Ella Reynolds Ella Kirkland
Reynolds, Missouri 05/13/1886 Wm. Reynolds Ella Reynolds E. Kirkland
Rhodes, Charles ? Bigelow Twp 04/26/1884 ? Franklin Rhodes M? J. Rhodes C---k
Richard Han-- Holt Co., MO 09/1883 Richard Han-- Jr. Han--
Richards, Bertha Oregon, MO 04/28/1884 ? Richards Amanda Richards Bridges
Riggle, Holt Co., MO 11/1883 Wm. R. Riggle Phoebe J. Riggle
Riley, Clay Twp 09/20/1885 Willard T. Riley Susan F. Riley
Ri-s-ce, Holt Co., MO 07/08/1883 A? Ri-s-ce Dora Ri-s-ce
Ritchie, Holt Co., MO 08/23/1883 Robert Ritchie Eliza Ritchie
Roberts, Maitland, MO 02/20/1886 William H. Roberts Harriet C. Roberts Miller
Robertson, Holt Co., MO 01/10/1884 John W. Robertson Eu? Robertson Taylor
Robinson, Sarah Aphelea Lewis Twp 10/1883 Henry Robinson Elizabeth Robinson Elizabeth Carter
Roderick, David Oliver Holt Co., MO 12/19/1883 George Wesley Roderick Julia ? Roderick Davis
Rodrick, Napier, MO 01/13/1886 Geo. Rodrick Jennie Rodrick Rusk
Roland, Bigelow Twp 06/12/1884 We do not know Miss Olie Roland Roland
Romlett, Susan Clay Twp 09/08/1883 Elijah Romlett Eliza Jane Romlett Burrier
Rowland, Bigelow Twp 02/14/1884 Ma? N. Rowland Sarah E. Rowland
Rowlett, Clay Twp 10/10/1885 Elijah Rowlett Eliza J. Rowlett Burrier
Ruddell, Maitland, MO 04/22/1885 Wm. D. Ruddell Lollie A. Ruddell Lollie A. Townsend
Rung, Holt Co., MO 05/28/1884 Peter Rung Clara Rung Null
Russell, Holt Co., MO 02/01/1885 Arthur Russell Dora D. Russell Brown
Sanders, Clay Twp 02/28/1886 Thomas J. Sanders ? Sanders Sta--baugh
Sapp - Mother Not Known April 7, 1885 Not Known Mary E Sapp
Schaeffer, Lorenzo S. Holt Co., MO 03/28/1884 Adam Jacob Shaeffer Emma Alice Shaeffer S-allard
Schatz, Herman Lincoln Twp 04/17/1885 John Schatz Lizzie Schatz Lizzie Do?
Schloz, Phillip Clement Corning, MO 06/25/1884 ? C. Scholz Helen Scholz Groh
Schuel-, Jesse J. East Lewis Twp. 07/29/1884 Daniel Schuel- Louisa Schuel- Louisa Hoffman
Schulte, Carl John Oregon, MO Schulte E? Schulte
Scl--ler, Holt Co., MO 12/17/1884 W.S. Sch--ler ? Sch--ler ?
Seborn, Rushbotam, MO 11/02/1884 Silas A. Seborn Ada Seborn Randall
Sebree, Corning, MO 02/12/1887 John E. Sebree Anaz-lla Sebree Ay Holmes
Secriot, Holt Co., MO 10/23/1883 Geo. Secriot Secriot
Seidle, Maitland, MO 10/12/1884 Ju? Seidle Ch? Seidle S?
Sellars, Craig, MO 09/11/1887 Jacob Sellars Lucinda Sellers Lucinda Kinnett
Se-tney, Forest City, MO 09/29/1883 Alonzo Se-tny Se-tney Not known
Shoe, Holt Co., MO 03/2/1884 L.A. Shoe Alice W. Shoe Murray
Shoefelt, Holt Co., MO 03/12/1884 Geo. Shoefelt ? Shoefelt ?
Shuls, Forest City, MO 07/10/1884 Joseph Shuls Mrs. Shuls Not known
Simpson, Oregon, MO 01/12/1884 Samuel Simpson Hallie Simpson Adams
Sipes, D? N. Forbes, MO 12/31/1883 Solomon Sipes Frances Sipes Cook
Sipes, Estella F. Forbes, MO 02/25/1884 ?olles Sipes Elizabeth S. Sipes E?
Sipes, Noah Forbes, MO 01/05/1884 Peter J. Sipes Elizabeth Sipes Carter
Siphers, Bigelow Twp 08/17/1884 Loyd Siphers Elizabeth Siphers Elizabeth Hull
Sisk, Holt Co., MO 09/01/1884 B? M. Sisk Ca? Sisk Shafer
Slater, 31/2 miles S. of Bigelow (Welton's Farm 02/18/1887 John Emerson Slater Ella Slater E. Stuart
Slaughter, Marcellus Holt Co., MO 12/26/1884 C? M. Slaughter B? A. Slaughter S?
Slifer, Sarah Myrtle Holt Co., MO 09/19/1885 Jacob Thomas Slifer Jessie Fr? Slifer Martin
Smith, Forbes, MO 10/15/1883 John A. Smith ? Smith ?
Smith, Forest City, MO 02/18/1884 ? Smith Sarah Smith
Smith, Atchison Co., MO 06/25/1884 Robt. R. Smith Ella T. Smith Schosle-
Smith, Craig, MO 02/06/1885 Louza B. Smith Sarah B. Smith Snider
Smith, Eva May Corning, MO 11/11/1884 William V. Smith Mary ? Smith H?
Smith, John Ca-e Craig, MO 02/08/1884 George Washington Smith ? Smith
Smock, Luke Q. Nodaway Co. 04/17/1885 Luke C. Smock Louiza Smock Murphy
Soliday, Corning, MO 01/28/1884 Andrew Soliday Kalo Soliday Monks
Soliday, Corning, MO 04/23/1885 Andrew Soliday Kate M. Soliday Kate M. Mo-ks
Sparks, Herbert Forbes Twp 04/22/1885 William H. Sparks Julia R. Sparks Julia R. Pierce
Spe?, Corning, MO 02/01/1885 Joseph Spe? Mary Ann S?M? Spe? M.A.S. Paris
Spellman, Hazel Maitland, MO 08/03/1885 Mathew Spellman Lizie Spellman McRoberts
Spencer, Mary Forbes, MO 12/21/1883 Ephraim Spencer Elizabeth Spencer Barrett
Sp--g--, Holt Co., MO 10/09/1883 William Sp--g-- Sp--g-- Doo-ie
Spring, Mound City, MO 05/11/1884 Samuel Spring Elizabeth Spring Stahls
Stanley, 2 miles SW of Bigelow 01/28/1887 Charles William Stanley Mary Virginia Stanley Mary Virginia Davidson
Stanly, Bigelow Twp 04/01/1885 William Stanly Mary Stanly Davidson
Staurbaugh, Clay Twp. 12/01/1883 Franklin Staurbaugh Nevada Staurbaugh
Steel, Bigelow, MO 10/04/1883 George Steel Florence Steel Budrick
Steele, Holt Co., MO 01/01/1884 Wm. Ambrose Steele Malinda Steele Malinda Freed
Stephenson, Holt Co., MO 04/08/1884 Ira Stephenson Stephenson
Stevens, Napier, MO 01/01/1887 Charles William Stevens Margaret Emeline Stevens ?
Stewart West Lewis Twp 11/10/1885 Thos. Stewart Mrs Thos. Stewart
Stewart, Lunon Holt Co., MO 10/10/1884 Charles Stewart Jane Stewart Morris
Stewart, Rachel Be-ie Maitland, MO 09/16/1884 Rufus Albin Stewart Mary Geneva Stewart Leach
Strow, Holt Co., MO 01/25/1885 Ah=braham Strow Elizabeth Strow Way
Stults, Maitland, MO 07/19/1885 George Stults Laura Stults Napier
Stults, Russell Clay Twp 09/21/1885 Aaron Stults Anna Stults Sch--k
Suca-lons, Holt Co., MO 07/05/1884 John Suc-ulons Dora Suc-ulons Dora Ables
Su---ey, Forest City, MO 08/26/1885 L.P. Su---ey Ada Su---ey Ada Beard
Summers, Maitland, MO 04/05/1885 Lorenzo D. Summers Carrie Summers Merrite
Sunderland, Harry E. Maitland, MO 07/08/1884 Geo. K. Sunderland Annie E. Sunderland C?
Swan, Corning, MO 03/26/1886 Wm. Swan Susan E. Swan Susan Chanlers
Swan, Corning, MO 07/16/1887 Wm Swan Sue E. Swan Sue Clanton
Swan, John Henry Corning, MO 03/28/1885 Wm. Swan Susan E. Swan Susan E. Clinton
Swi-h, Corning, MO 01/04/1885 John Swi-h Fannie Swi-h Morrison
Swi-ler, West Lewis Twp 02/04/1885 Wm. Henry Swi-ler Cordelia Swi-ler Dozier
Swope, Mound City, MO 03/06/1884 Christopher M. Swope Martha M. Swope Dunley
Taylor Oregon, MO 01/29/1884 Minor Taylor Ellen Taylor
Taylor Oregon Mo Jan 29, 1884 Minor Taylor Ellen Taylor
Taylor, 03/23/1884 Rufus Taylor Eliza E. Taylor C?
Taylor, Craig, MO 11/17/1884 D.B. Taylor Sarah Taylor Sharp
Thayer, Craig, MO 12/30/1885 Emma Thayer Emma Thayer
Th-man, Holt Co., MO 10/11/1887 Lois Th-man Edith Th-man Edith Matheua
Thompson, Stella Blanch Maitland, MO 10/27/1883 Leander Thompson Susan Abigail Thompson Privett
Thuman, Lincoln Twp 06/21/1884 Loyd Thuman Ada Thuman Ada Wagner
Thuni-, James Evert Oregon, MO 07/11/1884 Daniel W. Thuni- Kal- J. Thuni- L-ucko
Tickle, Holt Co., MO 01/20/1886 John Tickle Cora Tickle Cora Mickle
Tribble, Wm. Manford Holt Co., MO 09/04/1884 Wm. Tribble ? M. Tribble D--t
Trimble, Holt Co., MO 04/23/1884 John M. Trimble Louisa A. Trimble Boyd
Trook, Mound City, MO 01/05/1884 Geo. H. Trook Gertrude Trook Whobrey
Tucker, Holt Co., MO 12/03/1883 James Tucker P? Tucker Harrington
Turpen, Bigelow Twp 06/26/1884 Asa Turpen Sarah E. Turpen Wolf
Tyler, Bigelow, MO 09/25/1883 John Tyler Tyler
Ungles, Clay Twp 05/20/1887 Joseph Ungles Louisa Ungles
Unknown Holt Co., MO 05/03/1884 Unknown Sarah Jane Meyer
Uugle, Holt Co., MO 11/22/1884 Joseph Uugle Louisa Uugle Hickett
Vesser, H.E. Holt Co., MO 05/12/1884 Nicholas Vesser Louisa C. Vesser Huffman
Vi-nig, Holt Co., MO 07/21/1883 Charles O. Vi-nig Vi-nig
Voga--, Holt Co., MO 11/10/1883 Isaac Voga-- Mary E. Voga--
Vogel, Holt Co., MO 07/29/1884 H? Vogel Mary Ann Vogel
V--tting, Holt Co., MO 07/1885 John V--tting Elizabeth E. V--tting ?
Waddle, Lulu Flos- Holt Co., MO 02/19/1884 Giles M. Waddle Ella Waddle Kirkpatrick
Waggoner, Holt Co., MO 02/25/1884 John D. Waggoner Louisa Waggoner Hogan
Wagoner, George T. Holt Co., MO 05/1884 Thomas Wagoner Lilla Wagoner Hendricks
Wallace, Josephine E. Holt Co., MO 03/27/1885 William H. Wallace Hester E.A.M. Wallace ?
Wallhaus, Rushbotam, MO 11/03/1884 Dexter G. Wallhaus E? J. Wallhaus ?
Ward, Holt Co., MO 10/22/1885 Benjamin Ward Dude Ward Hopkins
Ward, Holt Co., MO 04/04/1887 J.T. Ward Dorothea Ward Dorothea Gooley
Washam, Holt Co., MO 06/17/1884 John Washam Susan H. Washam Susan H. Butler
Watson, Forest City, MO 10/07/1883 John Watson Nancy J. Watson
Watson, Jessie Forbes, MO 07/16/1884 G.W. Watson Elizabeth L. Watson Mer-etta
Weber, Clay Twp 03/1884 Albert ? Weber Cordelia Weber W--d
Webster, Mackie Craig, MO 03/03/1885 Lemuel Webster Nancy J. Webster Wright
Welch, Holt Co., MO 09/06/1883 Owen Welch Josephine Welch Don't know
Welch, Oregon, MO 02/12/1885 Andrew Welch Lililia Welch ?urner
Welle-, Holt Co., MO 04/23/1884 Phillip J. Welle- Sarah S. Welle- Meadows
Weller, Maitland, MO 04/11/1885 Ernest F. Weller Ruth Weller Ruth Jenkins
Weller, Harmony, MO 02/26/1886 William Weller Annie C. Weller Scha--
Wese, Holt Co., MO 04/02/1885 Henry Wese Kate Wese Brown
West, Forest City, MO 12/28/1886 James West Mrs. West Ogden
Wheeler, Claude Edward Mound City, MO 05/05/1884 William Wheeler Eliza Wheeler Franklin
Whisler Ohio Sep 3, 1884 David L Whisler Amanda Whisler
Whisler Ohio 09/03/1884 David L. Whisler Amanda Whisler
White, Corning, MO 07/15/1885 Thomas White Ada White Ada Jones
White, Maitland, MO 06/27/1889 Isaac A. White Sarah K. White
Wiliamson, Forest City Mo Aug 11, 1883 T J Williamson Mrs T J Williamson
Williams, Maitland, MO 07/11/1884 Abraham L. Williams Fannie Williams Fannie Phelps
Williams, Holt Co., MO 03/09/1885 William Williams Nancy Williams Nancy Wuneahau
Williams, Bigelow Twp 04/18/1885 Wm. Jasper Williams Lusetta Ann Williams Whipple
Williams, Holt Co., MO 09/12/1886 Wm. Riley Williams Susan E. Williams S. Goo---
Williams, Hickory Twp 06/23/1887 Charles A. Williams Eliza J. Williams Eliza J. McBride
Williams, Liberty Twp 03/17/1888 Edward R. Williams Ida B. Williams
Williams, Alice A. Forbes, MO 11/13/1883 Zebadel Williams ? Williams ?
Williams, Charles Hovey Forbes, MO 10/27/1883 Joseph ? Williams Eunice Belle Williams Hovey
Williams. James Alfred Holt Co., MO 08/08/1883 Jasper Williams Lusetta Anna Williams Whipper
Williamson Forest City, MO 08/11/1883 T.J. Williamson Mrs. T.J. Williamson
Willis, Elmorah Morganett Clay Twp. 10/08/1883 Charles Franklin Willis ? Willis ?
Will-son, Forest City, MO 12/01/1884 Chas. Will-son Sarah Will-son Fry
Wilson Bigelow Tp Oct 22, 1884 Wm Wilson Anna Wilson
Wilson Bigelow Twp 10/22/1884 Wm. Wilson Anna Wilson
Wilson, Forest City, MO 10/17/1884 James Leander Wilson Harriet Wilson Sullon
Wilson, Holt Co., MO 10/28/1884 Adam Clark Wilson Malinda A. Wilson Freeman
Wilson, Bessie Allece Forest City, MO 10/03/1883 ?-bert Wilson Allece Wilson ?
Wilson, Blaine & Logan Holt Co., MO 12/13/1884 John S. Wilson E? Wilson Williams
Wilson, Jesse Forbes, MO 08/1883 James Wilson Wilson Edwards
Winkler, Forest City, MO 02/17/1889 Jno Henry Winkler Mary Bell Winkler
Wm. Asten Owens Squaw Creek 04/28/1886 William A. Owens Harriet E. Owens Harriet E. Patterson
Woods, Forest City, MO 12/21/1884 Allen Woods Sarah Woods Sarah Shee-s
Woodson, Forest City 09/30/1883 Henderson Woodson Mrs. Woodson
Woodson, West Lewis Twp 02/05/1886 Henderson Woodson Mrs. H. Woodson
Worley, George Forbes, MO 11/10/1883 John Worley ? Worley
Wright, Bigelow Twp 04/14/1884 Geo. B. Wright Sarah E. Wright Griffin
Wright, Craig, MO 10/26/1885 Joseph L. Wright Martha Wright Owens
Wylie, Holt Co., MO 08/06/1884 Charles Wylie Anna Wylie ?
Wylie, Forest City, MO 09/30/1884 ? Tuck Sarah Wylie Tuck
Wyman, Maitland, MO 03/31/1885 Russell C. Wyman Bertha Wyman Dukeman
York, Minnie B. Mound City, MO 09/30/1883 Jerimiah A. York Ollie E. York Peacock
Young, David Arthur 12/11/1883 David A. Young Mrs. Young
Z-ckery, Holt Co., MO 11/08/1884 Plea? W. Z-ckery Nannie Lee Z-ckery Browning
Zook, Holt Co., MO 08/12/1884 William Zook Ella Zook Ella Weaver

Source: Missouri Birth & Death Records Database, Pre-1910