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Mount Carmel Cemetery
Fordham, DeKalb County, Missouri

We have entered 2 records for this cemetery. The earliest burial we have entered is for Catherine Smith (1882) and the latest is for David Heimbaugh (1886). The last update was on Monday, 26 September 2016.

Directions: Adams Township, Section 13, Township 58, Range 30L. North of Cameron on 69 Highway, north on EE Highway, east on SE Grindstone. Located at the NW corner where SE Grindstone and SE Heimbaugh intersect. (Note: Kelly was not able to find this cemetery from these directions.)

Notes: From the "Dekalb Co. Cemetery Census 1845-1971" --

Only two stones found at this neglected site of the old church, Mt. Carmel.

About 1940, a man from King City came to the Blackburn home with a small casket and Helen Blackburn's father helped him to dig up the body of his small son. She did not know the name of the gentleman, nor where the body was reburied. Agnes Bender wrote there was an epidemic of scarlet fever and three young women were buried in the same grave. Her grandfather, Oliver Lewis, was buried in this cemetery for 19 years. After the grandmother saw that the cemetery was neglected, she had the body removed to the Packard Cemetery in Cameron.

Today, the readable stones, along with several crumbled stones are in a tangled mass of weeds, brush, and grass. It is not fenced and cattle are free to roam among the stones.

Credits: Information about the burials in this cemetery from "DeKalb Co. Cemetery Census 1845-1971." As of November 2010, we haven't been able to locate this cemetery. If anyone can provide further information, it would be much appreciated.

Heimbaugh, David (1820-1886)
Smith, Catherine (1819-1882)