Oak Lawn Cemetery

DeKalb County, Missouri

We have entered 35 records for this cemetery. The earliest burial we have entered is for Sarah Ann Homberger (1906) and the latest is for Glen Wesley Cooper (2012). The last update was on Wednesday, 11 October 2017.

Notes: This is a large cemetery with only a small bit of it photographed. We need a volunteer to finish it.

Credits: Kelly submitted the photographs for this cemetery.

Sarah Ann Homberger (1844-1906)</br />Henry  Homberger (1835-1912)</br />
Sarah Ann Homberger (1844-1906)
Henry Homberger (1835-1912)
Edward H. Homberger (1867-1940)</br />Lena B. Homberger (1868-1949)</br />
Edward H. Homberger (1867-1940)
Lena B. Homberger (1868-1949)
Barnia B. Bivens (1878-1965)</br />Lydia L. Bivens (1879-1959)</br />
Barnia B. Bivens (1878-1965)
Lydia L. Bivens (1879-1959)
Mollie A. Price (1875-1909)</br />John William Price (1874-1930)</br />
Mollie A. Price (1875-1909)
John William Price (1874-1930)
Nina  Byrd (1900-1923)</br />
Nina Byrd (1900-1923)
Minnie Carter Groom (1873-1955)</br />John Walker Groom (1870-1943)</br />
Minnie Carter Groom (1873-1955)
John Walker Groom (1870-1943)
Hattie Frances McPherson (1876-1953)</br />George W. McPherson (1860-1926)</br />
Hattie Frances McPherson (1876-1953)
George W. McPherson (1860-1926)
Lloyd M. Foreman (1925-2003)</br />
Lloyd M. Foreman (1925-2003)
Homer H. Meek (1911-____)</br />Gladys G. Meek (1912-1986)</br />
Homer H. Meek (1911-____)
Gladys G. Meek (1912-1986)
Myrtle D. Lynch (1887-1980)</br />Herbert A. Lynch (1886-1962)</br />
Myrtle D. Lynch (1887-1980)
Herbert A. Lynch (1886-1962)
Ecru Miller Encell (1888-1968)</br />
Ecru Miller Encell (1888-1968)
William Herbert Miller (1879-1947)</br />
William Herbert Miller (1879-1947)
Faye Marie Bridges (1914-1968)</br />William Glen Bridges (1907-1983)</br />
Faye Marie Bridges (1914-1968)
William Glen Bridges (1907-1983)
Marie E. Wiley (1897-1982)</br />
Marie E. Wiley (1897-1982)
Kristine Elaine Wiley (____-1963)</br />
Kristine Elaine Wiley (____-1963)
L. Ann Sidle (1912-2003)</br />Paul R. Sidle (1914-1970)</br />
L. Ann Sidle (1912-2003)
Paul R. Sidle (1914-1970)