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Union Star Cemetery
Union Star, DeKalb County, Missouri

We have entered 1,176 records for this cemetery. The earliest burial we have entered is for Arthur Myron Tanner (1877) and the latest is for Carol Simerly (2016). The last update was on Tuesday, 27 December 2016.

Directions: Cemetery is down a dirt road. If you are on Hwy 169 going south, it is before you enter the town (if you see the entrance to the town park or the one and only school, you've gone too far). It will be on your left. If you are going north on Hwy 169 then it will be on your right. You will go all the way through town and just when the speed limit picks up again is where you turn.

Credits: Kelly and her sister, Bonnie, took the photographs of this cemetery.

Adams, Dorothy J. (1918-____)
Adams, Gladys (1904-1995)
Adams, Roy A. (1905-1981)
Agee, Betty Beatrice (1888-1941)
Agee, William James (____-1972)
Akins, Warren Lee (1942-1998)
Armfield, Gary Clinton (1942-1942)
Armfield, Kenneth E. (1912-2009)
Armfield, Naomi P. (Gay) (1914-2008)
Baker, Arlin L. (1916-1975)
Baker, Donald Lee (1950-1950)
Baker, Hazel L. (1920-____)
Bauman, Helen L. (____-____)
Bauman, Robert J. (1912-1975)
Bonham, Robert Leroy (1914-1916)
Bonham, Rosa E. Bashor (1889-1969)
Bonham, Stephen E. (1885-1975)
Bonham, Vernon E. (1912-2007)
Bowen, Mary E. (1895-1986)
Bowen, Ward (1894-1958)
Brown, Ruby Garrett (1911-1993)
Chapman, Harry B. (1874-1947)
Chapman, Mable Armeda (1880-1953)
Clark, Alfred Clay (1923-1992)
Clark, Eliza Kathryn (1919-2008)
Clark, John Fletcher (1884-1912)
Clark, Merle (Livingston) (1888-1964)
Creamer, Alexander O. (1896-1988)
Creamer, Pauline M. (1912-1992)
Dale, Ida C. (1862-1967)
Dodge, Lester N. (1884-1973)
Dodge, Willa B. (1893-1990)
Ebersold, Frances Lou Garrett (1933-1998)
Elliott, John R. (1877-1960)
Elliott, Lucretia E. (1882-1953)
Elliott, Paul P. (1873-1948)
Elliott, Sylvia C. (1874-1956)
Estep, Eva V. (1917-2002)
Estep, Robert L. (1911-2002)
Eyer, Laura Ann Yates (1846-1915)
Eyer, Philip (1842-1922)
Fletcher, Frank P. (1923-2006)
Fletcher, Marjorie (Rowen) (1925-)
Garrett, Elbert Earl (1888-1951)
Garrett, Elsie (1891-1974)
Garrett, Loren E. (1920-1984)
Garrett, Mary L. (1912-1997)
Garrett, Opal (1895-1973)
Garrett, Raymond L. (1909-1978)
Hailey, Claude L. (1908-1981)
Hailey, E. Berniece (1910-1997)
Hailey, James S. (1885-1971)
Hailey, Leland E. (1930-2008)
Hailey, Mary May Sarver (1885-1951)
Hailey, Nena Lynn (1955-2005)
Hall, Anna L. (1875-1974)
Hall, Butler E. (1909-1961)
Hall, Covell W. (1913-2001)
Hall, John Henry (1856-1943)
Helms, Colleen H. (1926-1998)
Hillyard, Brian Douglas (1974-1991)
Hillyard, Ernest D. (1933-2007)
Hodge, Thelma Elizabeth Armfield (1907-1993)
Holland, Dorothy D. (1916-1995)
Holland, Wilbur E. (1909-1987)
Hontz, Harold L. (1938-2002)
Humphrey, Robert Dorsey (1846-1935)
Hutchcraft, Etta Mae (1931-1977)
Hutchcraft, Floyd V. (1925-2001)
Hutchcraft, J. Marshall (1972-1986)
Isham, Amber Fayrene Tanner Zeller (1903-1997)
Keyes, Charles Ruben (1887-1949)
Keyes, Nora B. (1886-1980)
Kibbey, Dora Blanche Adams (1883-1945)
Kibbey, Edgar Hale (1877-1960)
Kibbey, Evart H. (1904-1986)
Kibbey, Helen F. (1906-1987)
Kibbey, N. Maxine (1922-)
Kibbey, Robert C. (1921-2005)
King, Lowell (1903-1977)
Knight, Elizabeth (1841-1892)
Knight, Henry (1828-1920)
Livingston, Mary Jane (Tanner) (1865-1945)
Mallory, Charles K. (1911-1986)
Mallory, Inez F. (1916-1982)
May, Lennis (1885-1926)
McDaniel, Amy Jo (1975-1991)
McLain, John J. (1883-1920)
Miller, John Wesley (1895-1976)
Miller, Wilma O. (1902-1982)
Moran, Mildred Marie (1932-)
Moran, Paul W. (1927-2004)
Morgan, Donald E. (1915-1991)
Morgan, Mary L. (1918-2004)
Munshaw, Fannie L. (1917-)
Munshaw, Howard R. (1914-1998)
Ostrander, Goldie M. (1885-1973)
Ostrander, Roland Burch (1875-1945)
Peacock, Bert G. (1921-2002)
Peacock, Jeanne V. (1931-1992)
Piper, Christina Jane (1857-1945)
Piper, William Ellery (1851-1922)
Price, C. Morris (1934-2007)
Schildknecht, Kathryn O. (1896-1992)
Schildknecht, Laura Alice Griffin (1870-1959)
Schildknecht, Lawrence O. (1892-1969)
Schildknecht, William Henry (1868-1951)
Schnitker, Ethelda Jane (1914-1992)
Simerly, Carol (1930-2016)
Simmons, Cecile (1899-1978)
Simmons, Sam J. (1900-1971)
Simpson, Mae N. (1902-1983)
Simpson, William French (1897-1952)
Smith, Charles Hubert (1913-1995)
Smith, Thelma L. (1916-2006)
Snuffer, Michael R. (1957-2003)
Tanner, Arthur Myron (1876-1877)
Tanner, Ellen Lewis (1858-1945)
Tanner, Lewis E. (1890-1961)
Tanner, Myron Francis (1855-1931)
Van Gilder, Curtis George (1881-1957)
Van Gilder, Josephine (1887-1971)
Van Gilder, Merlin (1900-1981)
Van Gilder, Paul C. (1879-1948)
Van Meter, Alonzo Franklin (1874-1954)
Van Meter, Catherine A. (1885-1915)
Van Meter, Charlotte Jane (Courter) (1855-1920)
Van Meter, Crystal L. (1906-1975)
Van Meter, James M. (1848-1921)
Van Meter, LLoyd H. (1901-1975)
Van Meter, Will Birtie (Sandusky) (1879-1959)
Vanmeter, Gordon Cummings (1872-1955)
Varner, Bessie E. (1897-1972)
Varner, Charles H. (1893-1989)
Varner, Haldon Wayne (1929-2007)
Wheeler, Dixie J. (Wood) (1922-)
Wheeler, John Sherman (1874-1956)
Wheeler, Mae Connie Baker (1886-1960)
Wheeler, William H. (1920-1985)
White, LaVerne P. (1905-2000)
White, William M. (1906-1996)
Whorton, Basil C. (1900-1970)
Whorton, Basil Don (1925-1983)
Whorton, Lois G. (1897-1984)