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DeKalb Cemetery
Stewartsville, DeKalb County, Missouri

We have entered 45 records for this cemetery. The earliest burial we have entered is for Mary Emery McKee (1879) and the latest is for Frank Ulrich Heckendorf (1954). The last update was on Tuesday, 27 December 2016.

Directions: In Cameron, from Walnut and Hwy 36, proceed west on Hwy 36 approximately 14 miles, turn right and head north on Sharp Road (this is a gravel road) about 1.5 miles. The cemetery will be on the left side of the road. In St. Joseph, from I-29 and Hwy 36, proceed east on Hwy 36 approximately 15 miles, turn left and head north on Sharp Road (this is a gravel road) about 1.5 miles; the cemetery will be on the left side of the road.

Notes: DeKalb Cemetery is approximately two miles north of Stewartsville, Missouri on Sharp Road. It is a small cemetery, maybe half an acre, and there is no sign. Of the death certificates found for the people interred here, the cemetery is also referred to as McKee cemetery, and Black cemetery. Many Missouri death certificates that indicate "DeKalb cemetery" as the place of interment actually refer to West Lawn cemetery, which is in the city of DeKalb and located in Buchanan County.

Credits: Kelly submitted the photographs for this cemetery.

_____, _____ (____-____)
_____, _____ (____-____)
_____, _____ (1828-1901)
_____, Edwin B. (____-1881)
_____, George (____-____)
_____, Willie (____-____)
Blake, ____ (____-____)
Blake, Francus (____-1880)
Blake, Harry T. (____-____)
Christiansen, Peder C. (1835-1925)
Christinsen, Jane E. (Hawkins) (1860-1935)
Foster, Luther C. (1857-1903)
Fuller, Laura E. (1833-1902)
Gilmore, Albert (____-1888)
Heckendorf, Frank Ulrich (1861-1954)
Heckendorf, Mary Louise (Schmidt) (1862-1937)
Herndon, Dora B. (1869-1927)
Jones, Robert (1826-____)
Krahl, John (1839-1900)
Leach, George Washington (1854-1915)
Leach, John (1864-1891)
Lewis, Willie (1884-1887)
McKee, ____ (____-____)
McKee, Jane (Sherard) (1824-1914)
McKee, John B. (____-1880)
McKee, Mary Emery (1870-1879)
McKee, Thomas (1817-1910)
McKee, William (1856-1931)
Piepergerdes, Amanda (Ranson) (1871-1914)
Piepergerdes, John (1867-1947)
Powell, Milbert G. (____-1881)
Schmidt, Henry George (1834-1916)
Stevens, ____ (____-____)
Stevens, Diana (1813-1891)
Summerfield, Ann (Horton) (1832-1920)
Summerfield, Edwin (____-188)
Summerfield, Sarah A. (1860-1883)
Summerfield, William E. (1829-1907)
Wood, James (1820-1889)
Wood, Mary (1825-1905)
Worden, Loedith (1879-1883)
Worden, Oliver Perry (1819-1884)