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Cousins Family Cemetery
Amelia County, Virginia

We have entered 3 records for this cemetery. The earliest burial we have entered is for Martha Jane Cousins (1896) and the latest is for Robert Julien Cousins (1912). The last update was on Tuesday, 27 December 2016.

Notes: The cemetery is very overgrown and on the edge of a cow pasture. Three markers remain which are difficult to read, but several graves are marked with field stones or concrete markers.

Credits: Photos were taken by Rachel in 2012 for Find a Grave and used here with her permission.

Cousins, Martha Jane (Wingo) (1845-1896)
Cousins, Robert Julien (1871-1912)
Cousins, Robert Leroy (1827-1902)
Cousins Family Cemetery</br />
Cousins Family Cemetery
Martha Jane Cousins (1845-1896)</br />
Martha Jane Cousins (1845-1896)
Robert Julien Cousins (1871-1912)</br />
Robert Julien Cousins (1871-1912)
Robert Leroy Cousins (1827-1902)</br />
Robert Leroy Cousins (1827-1902)