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North Carolina


Latitude: 35.5393447222222, Longitude: -79.1854172222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1787North Carolina I1892
2 Jane  1798North Carolina I1361
3 Jane  Abt 1822North Carolina I7452
4 Jane  1835North Carolina I740
5 Lucinda C.  Abt 1845North Carolina I1934
6 Mary A.  Abt 1842North Carolina I3608
7 Allred, L. Leona  Apr 1890North Carolina I1863
8 Amick, Lexander  1811North Carolina I341
9 Andrew, David S.  Abt 1837-1838North Carolina I3604
10 Andrew, Eugenia A.  Abt 1844North Carolina I3607
11 Andrew, J. Eugene H.  Abt 1866North Carolina I3609
12 Andrew, Malinda  Abt 1841North Carolina I3606
13 Andrew, Nathan F.  30 Jan 1812North Carolina I3529
14 Andrew, Samuel G.  1851North Carolina I3601
15 Andrew, William W.  Abt 1846North Carolina I3602
16 Andrews, Sarah  Abt 1825North Carolina I3603
17 Boggs, Nancy Elizabeth  Abt 1836North Carolina I1897
18 Capps, John R.  North Carolina I4566
19 Crowell, Samuel  12 Jul 1786North Carolina I642
20 Fry, Joseph  North Carolina I3286
21 Fuller, Charles  North Carolina I1861
22 Fuller, Mary Regina "Pollie"  12 Oct 1841North Carolina I1851
23 Hage, George  Abt 1778North Carolina I1891
24 Hage, George  Abt 1821North Carolina I1889
25 Hedgecock, Elisha  18 Jul 1817North Carolina I1854
26 Hester, Alexander C.  Abt 1842North Carolina I1881
27 Hester, Eli V.  Abt 1847North Carolina I1885
28 Hester, Eliza A.  Abt 1844North Carolina I1884
29 Hester, George W.  Abt 1866North Carolina I1935
30 Hester, Henry A.  Abt 1840North Carolina I1880
31 Hester, John W.  Abt 1846North Carolina I1928
32 Hester, Laura Sarah V.  Abt 1866North Carolina I1936
33 Hester, Levi C.  Abt 1860North Carolina I1933
34 Hester, Louisa M.  Abt 1856North Carolina I1931
35 Hester, Mary Amelia A.  Abt 1854North Carolina I1930
36 Hester, Mary C. E.  Abt 1858North Carolina I1932
37 Hester, Rebecca I.  Abt 1850North Carolina I1886
38 Hester, William  Abt 1821North Carolina I1879
39 Hunt, W. B.  North Carolina I3072
40 Idol, Mary  6 Aug 1817North Carolina I3660
41 Lamb, Alexander Washington  Abt 1810North Carolina I4126
42 Lovelady, Thomas  North Carolina I1281
43 Martin, Alexander  1 May 1816North Carolina I3549
44 Martin, B. Clyde  Abt 1899North Carolina I1864
45 Martin, Charles W.  Abt 1869North Carolina I1902
46 Martin, Eliza  Abt 1831North Carolina I610
47 Martin, Elizabeth  1858North Carolina I735
48 Martin, Elizabeth "Louisa"  1855North Carolina I741
49 Martin, Emanuel  Abt 1839North Carolina I612
50 Martin, Emily Hannah  1863North Carolina I744

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Martin /   <1854>North Carolina F299