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    Dropbox Link for Ben Glick Photos and Transcriptions

    As was anticipated, Ben Glick’s Dropbox account is now no longer available.

    The transcriptions are still available from the Carnegie Public Library site, though I don’t know how recent they are — Ben was constantly updating them.

    The photos and transcriptions are available from the Gentry and Worth county MOGenWeb sites, and also from the CC Dropbox: PhotosTranscriptions.

    Gentry and Worth County, Missouri, Cemetery Photos and Transcriptions

    Ben Glick’s photos and cemetery transcriptions for Gentry County and Worth County, Missouri, have now been uploaded to the Gentry County MOGenWeb and Worth County MOGenWeb project sites. He also prepared a surname index.

    These pages should load relatively quickly, even on dial-up. If you do get a 500 or 504 server error, simply reload the page as some of the cemeteries and documents are quite large.

    Benjamin A. Glick (1945-2017)

    It is with great sadness that we report that Ben Glick, a great friend to anyone doing research in Gentry and Worth counties in Missouri, passed away on September 27, 2017.

    While we had discussed including his photos and cemetery transcriptions on site, the sheer volume of material and his frequent updates made that impractical. However, in order to preserve his work, we’re now in the process of uploading it.

    PACT Project Update

    The next year is going to be even more hectic than usual. So I’m frantically trying to get organized. I don’t know why I’m hoping this effort will be better than any of the others, but remaining hopeful here. 🙂

    I particularly wanted to get the PACT Project up to date. I planned on a quick hour or so. Now *that’s* funny! I don’t know what happened, I know I’ve updated it since April, but I had emails from Monica all the way back to almost the beginning of the year. Thinking maybe they were tasks I hadn’t marked “done” yet. No such luck.

    So everything I could find has been added/changed/corrected. As you’ll see, the “What’s New” list for December might be quite daunting, but I really hope you find someone you’ve been looking for!

    Happy hunting! 🙂

    Tombstone of a Robidoux

    Tombstone of a Robidoux.

    Slab Marking Place Where Body of Franklin Robidoux Once Rested Unearthed by Graders.

    Workmen employed in grading North Second street, in the vicinity of Cherry street, yesterday afternoon unearthed a plain marble slab which had marked for years the last resting place of J. H. Franklin Robidoux, the youngest son of Joseph Robidoux, the founder of St. Joseph. The headstone had crumbled only slightly and was in a good state of preservation. It was taken out about three feet below the surface of the earth.

    The summit of the hill that slopes to the east and south in what is now Second street was formerly a cemetery. It was among the first platted after St. Joseph was laid out. Here nearly all of the members of the Robidoux family were buried. As the settlement known as the “Blacksnake Hills’ grew in size and population, it . . . [Yes! There’s more!]

    Jenkins Cemetery, Pettis County, Missouri, Update

    Sometimes, but not that often, people will contact me about errors in cemetery transcriptions from old records or the grave markers. Usually, these are an easy fix if the marker is available. If it is not an obvious typographical error, however, I have found if I just make the correction, some one else will come along later and say, “No, it should be . . .”

    My current policy is this: Obvious typos and misreadings will be corrected as soon as possible. However, in general, I don’t edit things other people have written. There was a TON of work done on these MOGenWeb sites before I got here (the work by former Pettis County CC George Willick is a good example) and I usually have no way to contact the original contributor. The emails are “dead” — if they were referenced at all to begin with.

    I’m . . . [Yes! There’s more!]

    Kaleb Wagner’s Eagle Scout Project Benefits Buchanan County Researchers

    At the end of 2015, Kaleb Wagner photographed the St. Mary’s Cemetery in Hurlingen, Buchanan County, Missouri, for his Eagle Scout project. He did a fantastic job!

    The photos have now been uploaded. Collection of obituaries and death certificates to identify the family groups is ongoing.

    Sunbridge Cemetery Book Found in 1955 — Then What?

    Monica sent a news article from the St. Joseph News-Press about the burial book for the Sunbridge Cemetery (aka City Cemetery) being found in a vault at the city health department on Monday, December 12, 1955. The article itself focuses on the kinds of things we usually come across as we research those who passed before us — the odd and sometimes gut-wrenching causes of death, and the number of children and infants listed. It also mentions the book covers burials for the period 1898 to 1934. But there are no names or other useful information in the article. A lot of mysteries.

    But the biggest mystery is — where is the book now? Someone knows what happened to it, or might even have it in a closet, box or storage cabinet and not even know it. Maybe it was even returned to the vault.

    The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery

    Not everyone originally arrived through US ports. Some of them went to Canada first, and then migrated south — like geese. 🙂

    If you’re looking for some of these elusive ancestors, the Canadian Gravemarker Gallery might have information to help you. Be sure to note the special instructions for searching, based on the naming conventions used for the images.